Ever walk into a listing appointment feeling confident about your marketing plan, only to have the seller raise an eyebrow and ask, “So, what exactly are you going to do to sell my house?”

We’ve all been there. The truth is, even the most experienced real estate agents can benefit from a structured approach to showcasing their value during a listing presentation.

That’s why I’m excited to share a powerful tool that will transform your listing appointments: The Home Marketing Schedule

This schedule isn’t just a random list of tasks. It’s a strategic roadmap that demonstrates your expertise and leaves a lasting impression on sellers, ultimately increasing your chances of landing the contract.

Why Sellers Love The Home Marketing Schedule

You might be thinking, “I already have a marketing plan in place. Why do I need a schedule?”

Here’s the thing: Sellers don’t always understand the intricate details of what goes into a successful marketing campaign. They see the final product – the beautiful listing photos, the social media posts, the open houses – but they might not grasp the ongoing effort behind it all.

The schedule bridges that gap. By presenting a clear, comprehensive plan that outlines your marketing activities for the next few weeks, you show sellers exactly what they’re getting with you.

Don’t Worry, I’ve Got You Covered

I know that creating a schedule from scratch can be time-consuming. That’s why I’ve created a ready-made home marketing schedule template that you can bring to every listing appointment. It’s a framework you can easily adapt, allowing you to  “fill in the blanks” with your unique marketing strategies for each property.

The exact schedule I use is also included in the download, and provides a variety of marketing ideas you can adapt to fit your unique approach and the specific property. 

The Power of Demonstration

It’s not enough to simply say you’re a great agent. You need to prove it. This schedule acts as a tangible illustration of your dedication and strategic approach to marketing a property. It allows you to walk sellers through the entire process, step-by-step, building trust and confidence in your abilities.

Are you ready to get those listings signed? Download the schedule today!