I recently came across a video on Instagram that explained the differences between branding and marketing. I thought it was so genius that I wanted to share it with all of you and break down a few key points it covered.

Branding is about the why, marketing is about the how.

Branding is about the why—it’s your mission, values, and the story behind why you do what you do. Marketing, on the other hand, is about the how—it’s the strategies and tactics you use to reach and engage your audience, promoting your services and properties.

Tactical Examples for Agents

Branding (Why): Share your personal story about why you became a Realtor. Maybe you grew up in a family that moved often, and you want to help others find stability. Post a reel on Instagram where you talk about this motivation, making it clear that your goal is to help families find their forever homes. 

Take inspo from Elizabeth Elliot who shares her real estate “why” in a heartfelt video clip, explaining her motivation and passion for helping others.

Marketing (How): Create a carousel slideshow on Instagram showcasing your step-by-step process for sellers, with a caption promoting your “Seven Steps to a Bidding War” lead magnet. Use ManyChat to set up a trigger word in the comments that automatically sends a PDF guide of your seven steps to those who request more information.

P.S.: Slide into my DMs with the word “guide” to grab my free lead magnet template, compatible with Canva. Customize it with your own photos!

Take inspo from Coffee & Contracts, which showcased “5 Ways to Add Value as a Buyer’s Agent.” They also effectively incorporated ManyChat into their strategy.

Branding builds loyalty, marketing builds response.

Branding builds loyalty by sharing your story and values, creating connections. Marketing prompts immediate responses, driving actions like inquiries or purchases through targeted campaigns.

Tactical Examples for Agents

Branding (Loyalty): Create a “Day in the Life” video where you take your audience behind the scenes and show the real, unfiltered moments of your day as a Realtor. Share the highs and lows, allowing your audience to see the authentic, human side of real estate. By authentically showcasing your journey and being vulnerable with your audience, you invite them to connect with you. This transparency fosters a sense of trust, leading to long-term loyalty from your audience who feel like they’re part of your journey.

Marketing (Response): Sharran Srivatsaa’s “Deal of the Week” email campaign is a great example of eliciting immediate responses. Each week, he sends a straightforward email without fancy graphics or text, highlighting a specific property. 

For example:

This week’s Deal of the Week is the perfect ranch home located in Lindenhurst, Illinois.

    • 3 beds, 2 baths
    • Full finished basement
    • Located at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac
    • Listed at only $269,000
    • Across the street from McDonald Woods
    • Open houses on Saturday & Sunday from 1-3

Branding creates value, marketing extracts value.

Branding creates value by building a strong, recognizable identity. Marketing extracts value by leveraging that identity to generate leads, sales, and immediate results.

Tactical Examples for Agents

Branding (Creates Value): Natalie Perez-Benitoa from Naples, Florida hired a professional photographer to surprise her clients on settlement day with a closing photo shoot in their new home. This unexpected gesture created a memorable experience, enhancing her brand for personalized and exceptional service.

Marketing (Extracts Value): Natalie can use the video from the closing photo shoot in a targeted Facebook ad campaign. The ad could showcase the happy clients and their new home, with a call-to-action inviting viewers to contact Natalie for a personalized home-buying experience. This strategy leverages the value created by her branding to generate leads.

Branding is long-term, marketing is short-term.

Branding focuses on building a lasting reputation and strong relationships over time by consistently sharing your values and story. Marketing aims for immediate results and actions.

Tactical Examples for Agents

Branding (Long-term): Craft your signature stories behind why you do what you do, why you show up online, and why someone would want to follow your journey and engage with you. What cause are you supporting? What mission can your followers get behind? Create content around that brand. 

Take inspiration from my reel below, showcasing a journey. People will engage with your content and follow you if you show that you’re human and figuring things out—they’ll feel like they’re on the journey with you.

Marketing (Short-term): Create a highlight on your Instagram profile titled “Get Free Stuff.” When people click on this highlight, they can access and download your lead magnets immediately. This drives quick engagement and captures leads quickly.

Branding is the being, marketing is the doing.

Branding (Being): Brand yourself as a community advocate who supports local charities. Pick a charity that is special to you and then create content around why that cause is important to you.

Take inspo from Alyssa McIntyre, who donates $50 of her commission to her client’s charity of choice once they close.

Marketing (Doing): Create a unique and engaging client appreciation event with a twist, and market it on Instagram using Eventbrite for tickets.

Take inspo from Taylor McAllister’s “Bunny Bash” client appreciation event. She integrated her brand’s unique elements, such as her own cupcake flavor called “Taylor’s Flavor” with disco balls, branded water bottles, and a professional photographer for client photos. She chose a venue called the Mad Hatter to tie in with the Easter bunny theme, showcasing her creativity.

By effectively incorporating both branding and marketing into your content strategy, you can build long-term loyalty while also driving short-term wins. Use the provided content ideas to strengthen your brand and drive results!