If you’re not leveraging QR codes in your marketing materials, you’re missing out on opportunities. 

From your postcards to your for-sale signs to your business cards, there are so many places to slap these things. And in this post, I’m showing you exactly where we’re putting them—and what QR codes have done for our business. 

Besides, these little guys are so easy to make, by the time you’re done reading this, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to start using them. 

QR codes in postcards (Hint: more is more)

Right now, we’re sending “Just Listed” postcards, “In Escrow” postcards, and “Just Sold” postcards. And we’re leveraging QR codes every opportunity we get. 

Here are a few ideas for using them in your marketing material:

#1–Picture galleries and 3D tours

Once they scan this QR code on the “Just Listed” postcard, they’re forced to log in with their Google or Facebook, which allows me to capture their information and follow up with them. I love it because tons of people scan for pictures and 3D galleries. 

#2–Videos and other social media content

On the back of the postcard, I’m leveraging the social media content that we’re creating because we’re spending a lot of time making these. 

What I’ve done is place my YouTube thumbnail right in the upper left corner of the card. And right next to it, I’ve placed another QR code that will direct them to either YouTube or, alternatively, the listing website where they can watch the video. 

#3–Home valuations

Another idea we’ve used with our “In Escrow” postcard is a QR code homeowners can scan to get a free home valuation

Because it’s an “In Escrow” card, the call to action is a bit different. What we’re telling them is that multiple buyers missed out on the opportunity and, if they’re curious about what their home is worth, they can scan the code for an instant value. 

Why use multiple QR codes on one piece of marketing material?

We use more than one because it increases the odds the consumer will scan something on the postcard. If they don’t care about what their home is worth, maybe they’ll want to follow me on social media. If they don’t want to do that, maybe they’ll want to watch a YouTube video or check out a photo gallery. 

My point is people like options. And multiple QR codes give it to them. 

How to create QR codes

HubSpot provides a quick tutorial on how to easily create QR codes for your marketing materials, and we’ll boil it down to the essentials, here: 

  1. Head to qr-code-generator.com
  2. Enter your URL.
  3. Customize your QR code’s shape, frame, and color.
  4. Click “Download” and save the (JPG or vector) file to your computer. 
  5. Digitally add the QR code to your marketing materials and print or send.

As for how you’ll add the QR code to your marketing media, you can use any tool (Canva comes to mind) that will let you upload and insert a JPG or vector image. 

QR codes have done wonders for my business, so I’m curious: How are you using them in your business? Or, if you haven’t used them yet, which of these ideas will you try first?