Jimmy Mackin, the CEO of Curaytor, is someone I love following on Twitter because he is someone in the industry who always sees around the next corner. He’s moving to where the puck is going before it even gets there. 

And as you’ll see when you watch the podcast, Jimmy is a clips machine. We cover so much in this one-hour conversation—from AI and consumer research to customer acquisition, marketing, and taking calculated risks. 

You’ll hear what great CEOs have in common and how much time agents should be spending on customer acquisition. And Jimmy suggests a strategy team leaders can use to motivate their agents and help them grow, whatever the market is doing. 

Every topic we cover goes back to the main point Jimmy drives home during this interview: “There has never been a better time to be good.” Tune in to learn exactly what he means. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0000:58 Intro

06:19 “It’s never been a better time to be good.”

16:18 Consumers are asking, “Should I rent my home or should I sell it?”

24:19 “I was the biggest hater on AI for a long time…” 

33:43 “There are two toxic traits for leadership.”

35:34 “You should be spending 60-70% of your time right now on customer acquisition.”

40:59 The story of Restoration Hardware

44:18 What are unique & creative ways to acquire more customers for your business?

46:42 “You guys suck the oxygen out of the room—in the best possible way.”

48:30 “If something does well via email, that becomes a postcard.”

51:05 “What do you think of this idea of pairing up agents for a month-long competition?”

58:11 “When the impact of being right is 100x and the impact of being wrong is 10x…”

59:41 “Great CEOs are decision-making machines.”

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