For this episode of The Over Ask Podcast, second-time guest Jason Cassity joins Matt Lionetti and The Broke Agent to discuss his switch from Compass to Real, why he chose Real over eXp and other cloud-based brokerages, and where he gets his brilliant content ideas. 

They also dig into the stories behind STÜDIO — Jason’s full-service content studio and branding agency — and REFER, the industry’s most innovative referral network. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0001:03 Intro

01:21 Why switch from Compass to Real?

06:00 Why Real over eXp?

12:09 Will traditional brokerages need to adapt to these newer models?

19:18 Client reactions to his transition

20:36 Jason’s advice to agents needing a change

23:30 Do you miss going to the office?

26:24 What is STÜDIO?

32:11 TikTok: content creation ideas and reaction videos

38:33 REFER: How it came to be, and where it is now

Click here to watch the full episode.

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