The next era of change is upon us. The next big decade for the industry, so to speak, is now here. 

And it’s going to require an agent of change. There’s just no question about that. 

But as these changes are shaking out, the debate is a little surprising to me. We don’t know exactly what the next 10 years will look like, but we know it’s going to change. And as new information comes out every single week, I’m seeing two different mindsets out there. 

There are two sides of the debate.

Two Sides of the Debate

One side of the debate is taking the lens of what’s changing for me—the agent, the business owner, the broker, the Realtor?

The other mindset—and this seems to be, unfortunately, a smaller group—keeps talking about the consumer. This group needs to grow. This group needs to get bigger in a hurry. 

I did a Real Word podcast on the BAM YouTube channel two week agos about the Zillow home touring agreement. It’s a product that has sparked a lively debate. You may like it, you may not. 

The comments were fascinating, though—so fascinating that I did another podcast the following week reacting to those comments

The reason I say the comments are fascinating is because they all tend to focus on the one writing them. They all look inward. And one could argue that’s fair. After all, it’s normal to feel invested in how a change to the industry could affect you and your business. 

But many of these comments push a belief system onto the market. 

Well, I don’t think it’s good for consumers to buy a house without a consultation.” 

So, what, then? Are you going to make that a law—forcing the consumer to consult with an agent before buying a home? That’s never going to happen. There’s never going to be a law that says consumers have to sit down with a licensed real estate agent and be forced into an educational conversation before starting the home buying journey. 

So, stop getting upset that things are changing. Don’t get upset that there might be products that could fail, could never even reach the masses, or could be illegal in some states. 

Don’t get upset by it. Stop looking at these changes through a lens of protecting something too many agents think is sacred ground. 

What you’re used to isn’t necessarily the way things ought to be.

Choose a different lens

Start looking at the entire situation through the eyes of the consumer— 

  • What does the consumer want? 
  • How can I meet them there? 
  • How can I personalize the consumer experience? 

Personalizing the consumer experience takes a “serve” mindset. It’s making every decision—shaping every decision for the next 10 years—for them

Remember, it’s their money. It’s their dirt, their wood, their investment, their risk. 

We really are just here to serve. 

So, if you’re thinking, “I didn’t sign up for the service industry,” this is not the industry for you. As a real estate agent, you’re in the service of the deal, of the journey, and hopefully of the lifetime for the client. It’s all about them. 

If you’re conflicted, I encourage you to join the service group—the one dedicated to serving the consumer and focusing on their experience. Let’s go out there today with that serve mindset. 

I’m addressing leaders here. Take charge, so others will follow.