Over the past two weeks, I’ve seen a 500%+ increase in positive replies with email marketing

For context, I’ve averaged 2-5 positive replies a day. But after implementing one thing, that average has grown to over 20 positive replies in a day. 

The chart below shows the progress I’ve seen over time:


I did not change the volume of emails I was sending; all I did was change my lead magnet. What I’ll dive into applies not only to email marketing but to ANY form of marketing.

What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is simple; it is a value exchange. You offer something valuable (for free) in exchange for someone opting into your marketing and giving you permission to deliver valuable content to their inbox.

Most real estate agents market lead magnets such as “Free Home Buyers Guide” or “Free Vendors List.”

Those are both great, but there’s a problem. You’re not solving a problem for the average homeowner. A lead magnet needs to be the first rung of the ladder. It needs to get someone to bite. And that means, it needs to solve a problem they are having right now. 

Clarify what you’re doing

The first step is to analyze what you are currently doing to market to homeowners. Is it mailers? Maybe it’s social media, or even cold calls. Anything that involves you reaching homeowners.

Once you identify that, figure out what this person NEEDS.

It’s common for a lead magnet to be a free guide or something that automatically sends out.

Unless you’ve got a real estate humor Instagram page with thousands of followers that is built for volume, your lead magnet will take some time to develop. 

That is the change I made. Because things that take YOU time are more valuable than not.

Lean into your skills

I would love to come here and tell you that I have the perfect lead magnet for you! I don’t.

It will take you time to come up with the perfect idea that’s unique to you and something that every homeowner can utilize.

If you had a full 30-minute in-person meeting with one new homeowner a day, whether they were likely to sell or not, and you simply built trust and asked for business, do you think you’d make money?

The answer better be YES!! The same goes for a lead magnet. 

With that in mind, here are some ideas for your lead magnet: 

  • Structural Evaluation
  • In-Depth Equity Game Plan
  • Personalized Home Value Report
  • Customized Home Improvement Plan
  • Free Mortgage Refinance Analysis
  • Detailed Relocation Guide
  • Energy Efficiency Audit

A lead magnet should be anything that is a unique skill you have that homeowners can utilize.

Implementing your lead magnet

It will take time to find the right lead magnet to connect you with homeowners, but you’ll never know if it works unless you optimize your systems. Oce you decide on a lead magnet, go through the process of opting in and analyze what consumers see. It needs to be simple.

For example, a QR code on a flyer that directs to a page that ONLY requests the name and email. A huge mistake I see agents make is forcing homeowners to jump through hoops to simply reply yes. Make it so simple a toddler can understand it.

Then, once you get them to opt-in, it’s up to you to meet with or contact these homeowners.

Long-term Effect

This might seem like a waste of time. And if you’re in a hurry to drum up some business and get some commission income flowing in, you might be thinking, “Oh, these people aren’t ready to sell yet, so why waste the money?” 

That is the wrong mindset to have. 

Real estate sales is simply talking to people, becoming known in your market, and then asking your new friends (homeowners that know you) for business!

Like we keep saying, real estate is a long game. It’s not for folks who are desperate for quick and low-effort income. It’s about building relationships—not treating people like meal tickets. 


Ricky Carruth has a famous strategy of simply calling on homeowners, getting their email addresses, and putting them on a newsletter. That is all.

It’s not rocket science. That is why your lead magnet should simply connect you with homeowners by giving them something they want.

They don’t want a free homebuyer guide; they aren’t buying! They will never opt-in. But they might have a family member who is buying that you won’t know about unless you connect with them and ask for business.

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