I thought I had it all figured out. I was working hard, networking, and even had a website where potential clients could register their interest. But there was one thing I was neglecting, and it was costing me big time: email marketing.

It all started when I read Permission Marketing by Seth Godin. The book resonated with me on a deep level, particularly the idea that just because someone registered on my website didn’t mean they wanted to receive my email newsletter. I felt a pang of guilt. 

Had I been spamming my potential clients all this time?

You see, we had previously used other email marketing platforms, but the canned, generic real estate content they provided wasn’t just falling flat—it was actively angering our clientele. We needed a change, and that’s when we discovered Constant Contact.

Constant Contact was a game-changer. It allowed us to split-test different subject lines, sending each one to 10% of our audience. The subject line receiving the most clicks would then be sent to the remaining 80%. We could now tailor our content to what our audience actually wanted to read rather than just blasting them with cookie-cutter newsletters.

But the real epiphany came when I realized just how much effort I was willing to put in for a single potential client. If a seller called and wanted to meet tomorrow, I’d move mountains and spend four to six hours preparing my research and presentation. All for one client. Meanwhile, my email list was in the thousands, and I wasn’t willing to put in the same amount of work for them. It was a wake-up call.

My “aha” moment came when a team member, Faith, shared her success story. She had been sending weekly emails and the response was nothing short of phenomenal. Clients were raving, deals were closing, and her business was thriving. Despite my initial skepticism, I decided to take the plunge and crank up the frequency of our emails from monthly to weekly.

I started studying up on email marketing, and what I discovered was mind-blowing. By sending consistent, valuable content to my email list, I could nurture relationships, establish myself as a trusted authority, and ultimately land more listings. And that’s exactly what happened.

The results? In just six months of consistent weekly email newsletters, we landed nine listings. Yes, you read that right. Nine listings, all from a free email! We were attracting clients we never thought we could reach, simply by showing up in their inboxes regularly. It was a stark reminder that owning a database is one thing, but actively engaging with it is where the magic happens.

I know what you’re thinking. “Won’t I annoy people and get a ton of unsubscribes?” I had the same fear. Surprisingly, our unsubscribe rate stayed steady at 1% or less. It turns out, those who want to opt-out will do so regardless of whether you email them once a month or once a week. The key is to provide value and keep your content engaging.

So, how do you create an email marketing strategy that consistently delivers results? It all comes down to implementing a four-week email plan. Each week, focus on a different aspect of your real estate expertise.  Here is our four-week cadence:

#1—Monthly Market Update

Market Update

Use this email to position yourself as a knowledgeable resource.

We like to embed a market update video into our email and our blog. The more your database is seeing your face the better.

We like to embed a market update video into our email and our blog. The more your database is seeing your face the better. 

The market update blog shouldn’t take you all day either. Take any market data that your local MLS or association is sending you and enter it into ChatGPT. Ask it to provide you with charts and bar graphs in your brand’s specific HEX color. Then take the graph image, upload it to Canva, and add your logo. See our market blog HERE for an example of how ChatGPT can make these graphs.

#2—Homes of Distinction

Homes of Distinction

Showcase the nicest listings in your market to pique your audience’s interest. These are your typical mansion porn and this email will almost always have your highest open and click-through rate. We survey agents outside our team and ask which are the nicest homes they’ve seen on the market.

#3—Restaurant of the Week

Restaurant of The Week

This is another of our most opened and clicked emails. It provides the Gmail servers with something it likes even more then opens…replies! Gmail servers love to see your recipients replying back to you emails. It signals to Google, these guys are not Spam. It not only is a great email, but makes a useful date night for me and Devon.

We take great photos at the restaurant and pick up a $250 gift card. All the readers need to do to enter the raffle is to reply with their favorite restaurant. 

#4—🤫 Shhh…Secret Homes Alert: Be the First to Sneak a Peek!

Secret Homes Alert - Be the First to Sneak a Peek

By following this plan, you’ll establish yourself as the go-to authority in your market. Your clients will look forward to your emails, knowing that they’ll find valuable insights and fresh listings every time they open your message.

The real secret sauce of email marketing? It allows you to own the communication channel with your clients. In a world where various platforms are vying to insert themselves between you and your clients, email marketing gives you a direct line of communication. No middleman, no algorithms to navigate, just a sustainable way to build stronger relationships and safeguard the long-term health of your business.

Imagine being able to reach 97% of your database every single week, without relying on the whims of social media algorithms or paid advertising. That’s the power of email marketing. And it only takes a few hours each week to craft compelling content that will keep your name top-of-mind and your business thriving.

So don’t make the same mistake I did. Embrace the power of email marketing and commit to sending a weekly newsletter. With a little bit of planning and a lot of consistency, you can unlock the potential of your database and take your business to new heights.

What are you waiting for? Start crafting those subject lines, sharing your expertise, and hitting send. Your next listing (or nine) is just an email away. 

To learn more about our email marketing strategy in more detail, check out Chapter 5 of my book Six Weeks to Real Estate Success available now on Amazon.