Today I’m super excited to talk to you guys about my three favorite engagement grabs on Instagram.

#1—Story Templates

Yesterday, I posted a story template, and it brought in roughly 46 new followers. 

Currently, 117 Realtors are using this template on their IG pages!

When thinking about a story template, create something that can be easily replicated by your audience. I knew this would be a hit because the text was simple enough for agents to recreate. 

Story templates are great because whenever someone clicks on them, they see that you are the template originator, which drives traffic to your Instagram page. 

 If you want to learn how to create your own story template, click the “Next” arrow below to go through the steps of creating one:

#2—The “Get Free Stuff” Highlight

You all know that I’ve been preaching lead magnets for months! We always want to extract as much data as we can from our Instagram and put that into an email list because we own our email list, but we don’t own our Instagram followers. 

So, I created a “get free stuff” Instagram highlight and linked all my lead magnets there. Now, people can click through that highlight and see if there’s a lead magnet that appeals to them. This is passively bringing in an average of seven new email subscribers per day.


I have a little Instagram story hack for you guys: screenshot text conversations and put them on your Instagram story. Obviously, if it’s a conversation with your clients, block out their information before you share. 

People love to see screenshots. When someone texts you a screenshot, you immediately think you’re about to get some juicy information, so you read it right away. Sharing screenshots on your story makes your followers stop and read because they feel like they’re getting a sneak peek into a secret conversation. The engagement is great because they stay on your story longer to read the entire text.

Three Tactical Tips for Screenshots

1. Client Excitement

I took a screenshot of a text telling my client that she went under contract. She replied back in all caps, “OMG, I AM BUYING A CONDO!” I posted that screenshot for social proof. It’s so much more engaging than a random house photo that says “under contract.” It shows my client’s excitement and highlights the positive impact I have on their lives.

2. Everyday Realtor Life

I posted a screenshot of a client that went under contract, where we put a deadline on the offer. My client texted me saying she had “46 minutes of anxiety” waiting for the seller to respond. 

I replied, “Every day of my life as a Realtor is 24/7 anxiety.” 

I put that screenshot on my story with a poll underneath: “Has your anxiety gotten worse after becoming a Realtor?” Yes or no. Crazy engagement! Be careful not to talk badly about your job, but definitely highlight a fun screenshot and a poll to drive engagement.

3. Funny Situations

I showed a house where the lockbox was not on the front door but on a hose bib behind a bush. Completely out of sight. The listing agent was my friend, so I texted him, “You got me out here in a bush.” I posted that on my story, and it got crazy engagement.

**Bonus Tip:** If you scribble out some words in the text, it does really well because people stop to read it, thinking you’re spilling a secret. This gets you better story engagement.

Remember, consistency and creativity are your best tools on social media. Start experimenting with these tactics today and watch your Instagram presence—and your business—thrive!