Attracting potential buyers to your listings can sometimes be a tall task, especially with buyers relying heavily on technology to get information about the market and properties they’re interested in. A study by NAR found that 76% of homebuyers used a mobile device or tablet to search for properties, so it’s crucial we adapt our digital strategies to meet our buyers’ changing behavior. 

One of the changes we have recently implemented is using dynamic QR codes with our listing marketing. We want to provide buyers with more information while they’re on the road and collect valuable data that will allow us to better serve these potential clients. Since implementing this, we have greatly increased the listing reach and incoming buyer leads. 

Dynamic QR codes offer flexibility and control over the user experience. Unlike static QR  codes, dynamic QR codes allow us to change the destination link at any time and get real-time analytics on code scans. 

After researching different platforms, we decided to use Hovercode, a service that simplifies creating and managing dynamic QR codes. Their user-friendly interface and analytics capabilities provide valuable insights into the performance of our QR codes. There are plenty of dynamic QR code services and platforms, so research what will help you the most. 

Here’s how it works 

Using Hovercode, you can generate a dynamic QR code and print it on listing signs and other marketing materials. 

Dynamic QR code

When consumers scan the code with their smartphones, they’re instantly redirected to our website, where they can access comprehensive details about the property, including photos, virtual tours, and listing information. 

Dynamic QR code

Consumers who scan the QR code are directed to register on our website, allowing us to follow up with them and provide personalized support throughout their home-buying journey. 

Providing Print Marketing Versatility 

The largest advantage of dynamic QR codes is their versatility, allowing you to easily update  the destination link for a particular QR code, ensuring buyers are always directed to the most  relevant information, even if the property listing changes or we use marketing signs from home  to home (i.e. open house signs).  

For instance, let’s say we initially had a QR code directing buyers to the listing for 123 Main  Street. If we decide to replace that listing with a new one at 456 Elm Street, we can simply update the destination link in Hovercode and the same QR code will now direct buyers to the new listing – no need to reprint or replace the physical sign. 

This level of flexibility and real-time control over our marketing materials has been a game changer for our listing marketing. It saves us time and resources and ensures that our clients have access to the most accurate and up-to-date information, enhancing their overall experience. 

While QR codes have been around for quite some time, the way we utilize and track their performance has added a new layer to our marketing efforts. By embracing dynamic QR codes and leveraging the power of data analytics, we’ve been able to streamline our processes,  engage with buyers more effectively, and ultimately, drive better results for our business.

Keeping the Conversation Going

For our sellers, following up with interested buyers is crucial to ensuring their property receives maximum exposure and increases the chances of a successful sale. By having the buyer’s information readily available, we can proactively reach out, provide additional details about the listing, and potentially arrange viewings or answer any questions they may have. 

On the other hand, for potential buyers, this initial interaction represents an opportunity for us to build a lasting relationship. We can stay in touch, share new listings that align with their preferences, and offer guidance throughout their home-buying journey. This personalized approach enhances the customer experience and increases the likelihood of future business opportunities. 

By integrating dynamic QR codes into our marketing strategy, we’ve unlocked a powerful tool for lead generation. It allows us to bridge the gap between physical and digital marketing,  providing a seamless experience for buyers while equipping us with the necessary data to cultivate meaningful connections. 

If you’re a real estate professional looking to stay ahead of the curve, I highly recommend exploring the potential of dynamic QR codes. By combining cutting-edge technology with a customer-centric approach, you can elevate your marketing game, provide a truly exceptional experience for your clients, and unlock new opportunities for growth and success.