A lot of people ask me, “Eric, how do you stay up to date on all the changes that occur on social? How do you know so much about the Instagram algorithm, and how are you so jacked?” 

JK, nobody asks me that. But, I do imagine people wonder…

So, in this blog I’m going to give you seven resources I use to stay up to date on all things social media:

#1—Social Media Today

SMT is a website/blog that fires out helpful updates like this all day every day:

Social Media Today

If there’s an update on IG or any sort of algorithm change, SMT will have an article on it. We use it to source a lot of our topics for the Walk Thru. This week, they had a great blog about the changes made to Broadcast Channels, and how users can connect more with their community through private livestreams. 

#2—Brock Johnson

This guy is an Instagram coach and is a must-follow for anyone looking to consistently grow on the platform. Nobody provides more useful tips, breaking news, and motivation to creators than Brock11Johnson. Yes, he can post some cringey dances…but I promise you the value you get from following him will outweigh the second-hand embarrassment.

#3—Jason Pantana 

Jason Pantana is a JACK of all social media and marketing trades. He’s a Tom Ferry Coach and a must-follow on all platforms. He gives useful tips on YouTube, IG, blogging, LinkedIn, email campaigns, and basically everything you need. The best part about his content is that all of his advice is specific to real estate agents.

#4—Julia Broome

Shoutout BAM Creator, Lindsey Jo, for showing me Julia Broome. If you want to get super tactical, follow Julia for daily tips on exactly HOW you should post. She gets into the details about SEO tactics in captions and much more on her page.  

#5—Luke Acree

A BAM Creator and a marketing evangelist (as he refers to himself in his bio). Each post this guy makes can be a blog post because of how much value it brings. In fact, we turn a lot of them into blog posts here on BAM. Follow Luke Acree if you want hook ideas, post ideas, mailer prompts, and more. 

#6—BAM and BAMx

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the resources we have here at BAM. First, as you can see if you are reading this blog we have free blogs every week on marketing tactics specific for real estate agents. We also have the Walk Thru podcast every Thursday, which is specific to real estate marketing, and the Viral Agent, our free real estate marketing newsletter that goes out every Friday (sign up for it here!).

BUT, even better is our content within our BAMx membership. All of the resources I mentioned above TELL you how to do it, but BAMx actually SHOWS you. We have courses and trainings on all things social media marketing: from my Instagram courses that are constantly updated to YouTube courses, video-editing and more. We truly have the best library of content to help agents take their digital marketing to the next level. 

PLUS, we also give you weekly content to post, including editable social media templates, video scripts, blogs, and emails to send to your database. 


The best resource to stay up-to-date on all things social is to actually do the content yourself. The reason I know “what’s working on social” is because I’m the one publishing everything on my own. I see what gets the most engagement, I see what post styles are trending, and I see my insights that tell me exactly how a piece of content was consumed. (BTW…Insights course coming next month in BAMx…get in there.)

My point is you can read all of this stuff and use these resources, but none of it is as useful as being the practitioner yourself. Consume content, post content, and take the time to consistently audit how it’s performing. 

I hope these resources serve you well! Have a great weekend and I can’t wait to see you at our in-person event, BAM MANIA!