It’s true.

Yesterday, The Broke Agent shared his 2024 content predictions for 2024 and declared that “value-driven content will outshine humor content.” As in, more agents will focus more on educational content rather than the hilarious masterpieces we’ve grown accustomed to over the past couple of years.

But rest assured, 2023 was full of real estate Reels that made us laugh out loud. Here are 13 of our favorites from the year. 

If Real Estate Brokerages Were People

With an all-star cast of content creators, this is one that had the entire industry laughing. 

Will AI replace agents?

Of course it will. 

Not My Fault

It’s hard to argue with the universe. 

Never write a listing description again

ChatGPT to the rescue. 

Friendly Advice

Is that clear?

Stress Relief

Nothing better than the sound of a cork popping. 

Always On Call

Matt Lionetti keeping things in perspective for all of us. 

Door Knocking Ring Camera 

No wonder no one’s answering the door. 

Those Rates

We all felt this way at some point during the year. 

Influencer Status

Why prospect when you can make videos?

Found Anything Yet?

Hoping things are better for buyers in 2024. 

Still Waiting…

How many years in a row can we use this one?