I am not going to give you my 2024 housing market predictions because they would be completely worthless. Watch the daily Hot Sheet or the Knowledge Brokers Podcast for BAM’s thoughts on that, and check out our recap of 2024 forecasts from some of the industry’s top housing economists.  

What I will give you is my social media and content predictions—because that’s what I know! 

7 Social Media and Content Predictions for Real Estate

#1 – The return of the image on Instagram 

Maybe I am a prisoner of the moment, but we have been seeing much better engagement on still image and carousel posts on our @nowbam and @TheBrokeAgent accounts. 

I think this trend will continue into the early part of 2024 because people are starting to tune out the non-stop Reel content. The popular, highly edited, Hormozi-style clips with a million things popping up are designed to capture and retain people’s attention (we do them at BAM), but I think the space is becoming too oversaturated. Sometimes, people just want to get their dopamine and information from a graphic or a meme and not some perfectly constructed video designed to appease the algorithm. 

This is not me saying to stop posting Reels. Reels will still be the number one way to reach new followers and grow your account. This is me saying to mix it up and to continuously work in different posting styles. Variety will win in 2024. 

#2 – The short-form to long-form shift 

I’ve been saying this for a while now, but at this point, we all know that long-form content builds way more audience trust and converts at a higher rate than short-form. There’s a reason so many agents are turning to YouTube to capture leads. As a side note, here’s a YouTube prediction from one of our BAMx members, Ryan McGhie:

Also, it feels like we’ve seen it all at this point with short-form video. The clickbaity hooks, the CapCut templates, the viral audios, and the general TikTokification of social media are due for a shift. We know this because both TikTok and Instagram recently extended the upload times of videos to allow for longer, different types of content. As IG Coach Brock Johnson said in his prediction video, we are now going to see the “YouTubeifcation” of Instagram. Think back to the IGTV days, but vertical and hopefully with the capability of playing video in the background even if you’re not active on the app.

#3 – It Will Go Down in the DMs 

The younger generations consume more Instagram Stories than they do Feed posts and look at IG more as a messaging app. Creators who post organic story content will reach a younger audience and will be more active in their DMs. More stories equals more DMs, which IG continues to signal as the most powerful interaction you can have on the platform. 

So, the more DMs you send and receive, the better for the algorithm, for your lead nurturing, for EVERYTHING. This is why chatbots like Manychat will continue to see more and more use. Btw, we have an entire course and training on Manychat in our BAMx platform

#4 – Community-Focused Brands Will Dominate 

Broadcast channels and community-based content will gain popularity as creators find more effective ways to get their message and content to their followers. Sending one-on-one videos and group messages via a Broadcast Channel actually gets seen by your intended audience. Relying on a constantly-changing algorithm for people to view your content sucks. Less than 10% of your audience ever sees what you post, but over 90% of DMs get read (I just made both of those stats up.) 

The point is, creators who build communities, whether it is a Broadcast Channel, DM Group, Discord, or Facebook Group, will have a much more powerful brand. 

And of course, I predict that our BAMx community continues to be the best in real estate! Join today with code FROSTY at checkout for 25% off! 

#5 – AI Will Not Go Away 

Honestly, I am not using AI nearly as much as I should, and I have FOMO and anger towards it. But what I do know is that Agents/Creators who actually take the time to effectively learn AI will make better content that is less time-consuming. It’s my New Year’s Resolution to stay on top of the tools that I know will improve my content, ideas, and efficiency. A great place to start is our ChatGPT Instructions Ebook for agents. If you haven’t yet, download it for free here.

#6 – Blogging and Email Newsletters will come back into fashion 

You know what is ten times more valuable than a like or view on a Reel? An email address and an open. 

If you really want to connect with your audience, send a thoughtful weekly newsletter and/or write blogs. Writing seems to be a lost art amongst real estate agents, but those who do it effectively have a much deeper relationship with their database as opposed to those who just fire off Reels into the algorithm abyss. I predict that more and more agents will focus on building a strong newsletter and will write way more blogs for their websites…especially with ChatGPT.

#7 – Value-Driven Content Will Outshine Humor Content 

2020-2022 was what I like to call the golden era of real estate content creation. Reel templates, viral audio and easy editing made creating “funny” content easier than ever. For two to maybe three years, it felt like every agent stopped posting market updates and listing information for their clients and focused solely on creating content to make other agents laugh. Also, the market was so damn crazy that any agent with a pulse could sell a house the second it was listed. 

Now that the market has “normalized,” I predict that clients will want to see more serious content from their agents, and I predict that’s what we will get. Comedy content in real estate seems to be getting much worse engagement than it did a couple of years ago. Now…maybe these are my own insecurities talking, but it feels like we’ve all been telling the same jokes for years. The industry is craving something new, and the recycled dad-at-inspection jokes aren’t cutting it anymore. Personally, I am making it a goal of mine in 2024 to write some long-form skits and start developing some real characters that have more lasting power in this industry than a meme. 

Those are my predictions for 2024! 

Thank you all for supporting BAM this year. I can’t wait to show you what we have in store for the new year. May the force be with you all.