The other day, I came across a brilliant Instagram Story shared by Delaney Burgess. She created a “Get to Know Your Favorite Realtor” Story template, which featured answers to key questions, providing followers with a glimpse into her personal and professional life.

Delaney Instagram story template

In the template, she included questions like:

  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Service Locations:
  • Brokerage:
  • Previous job: 
  • Your Favorite Car Snack:
  • Something you can’t live without on a showing: 

What made Delaney’s Instagram Story template truly genius was the tag challenge she threw in at the end. With a simple yet powerful call to action – “Tag 3 Realtors in another state” – Delaney sparked a small trend in the real estate community. Within 24 hours, it seemed like every Realtor on the planet was using her Story template.

Why is this significant? Clicking on the pink arrow within the story template leads you to the creator of the template—Delaney. 

This not only results in more engagement and followers for her but also positions her at the forefront of the minds of over 400+ agents. Any Realtor with clients looking to move to southern Maryland now has Delaney top of mind, creating a valuable network to drive referrals.

How to Create an Instagram Story Template

Today, I’m going to show you how to create a similar Story template to drive your own referrals!  Click the “Next” arrow below to go through the steps of creating your Story template:

Localized Story Templates to Start Conversations

I also recommend crafting a localized story template tailored to your area. For instance, I would create an Arlington, Virginia-themed template featuring staple restaurants in my city. Once someone uses this template, you can easily spot their responses in the interactions tab.

Users engaging with a local story template are probably locals themselves. Once they use your template, take the opportunity to react to their Story, follow them, and initiate a conversation. 

A local Story template t might look something like the example below:

Local Instagram story template

Conversations that stem from your localized Story template likely won’t be about real estate—but it’s a quick and easy way to expand your reach, showcase your profile, and possibly gain some top-of-the-funnel leads.

Try out an Instagram Story template this week and see what comes out of it!