We all know ‘em: those generic market update graphics that consumers scroll by without a second thought.

And while you know they contain great information, most people don’t understand what it all means from a quick glance.

To create an impactful post, you need to break down the information to really help your audience understand how it makes a difference in their life—whether they’re a buyer, seller, homeowner or renter. 

In this post, I’m sharing three ways to create a market update that will grab your audience’s attention and keep them coming back for more.

Green Screen

Green Screen Reels are one of the most engaging types of content on Instagram right now. Start by sourcing an article about your local market or use your MLS to find a table or chart that shows the stats you want to discuss. 

Once you’ve got your data, it’s time to use the Green Screen filter to create a dynamic and informative video. In your video, make sure to share what all the numbers mean for buyers, sellers, and homeowners in your market. Be specific and act as if you are talking directly to a prospect or client. This will help you build trust with your audience and establish yourself as a knowledgeable real estate agent.

Storytelling Reel

Everybody loves a good story. Use your experiences as a Realtor to create a market update that really draws people in. All you have to do is grab your phone and record a Reel of you talking about what’s happening in your market from your personal experience over the past week. 

And don’t just spout off statistics and numbers. Focus on telling a compelling story that will resonate with your audience. Discuss what types of properties are receiving multiple offers, the biggest hurdles for buyers, or why some renters are holding off on buying. And don’t forget to add anecdotes and actual occurrences to make your story more engaging.

Pro tip: Act like a friend just asked what’s happening in your local market. Pretend you are Facetiming with them and use that as your Reel. 

Carousel Post

Looking for a way to create engaging market update content without recording a video? Then this is perfect for you! And the best part is Carousel posts are getting a lot of engagement on Instagram right now, so you’ll be tapping into a hot trend.

Start by creating a scroll-stopping hook on your first slide—like a crazy statistic for your market. 

Let’s say houses in your market are spending even fewer days on the market this year than they were last year. Show that information on slide one, then break it down in the remaining slides in a way the average consumer will understand. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your design and layout, either. This will help your Carousel stand out and capture your audience’s attention.

And if you’re looking for dynamic templates for your market updates, check out what Coffee & Contracts offers its members here!