Today, I’m excited to share some of my favorite Instagram hooks with you! These hooks will not only capture the attention of your audience but can also increase viewer retention—a key metric that pleases the IG algorithm. 

Hooks aren’t just about gaining likes or follows; they’re about forging connections and sparking conversations. And we all know the more conversations you have in today’s real estate market, the better.

So, let’s jump right into the good stuff. Here are 15 hook examples to start using this week.

“Oh, you thought (insert common belief about real estate)? Cute. Time for some real talk!”

Example: Challenge the common belief that the only factor in a home’s value is the upgrades. Share examples beyond renovations that impact a property’s worth. For example, homes located near Whole Foods or similar high-end grocery stores may experience an average increase in value ranging from 2% to 4%. 

“Stop scrolling! If you love _____, you need to watch this!”

Example: Capture attention by telling your audience to stop scrolling. If they’re interested in maximizing their home’s value, share a video revealing a quick and easy improvement that can boost resale prices. For example, homes with neutral paint colors sell for about 1-3% higher than comparable homes with more vibrant color choices.

“Ready to level up? Let’s dive in to discover _____.”

Example: Invite your audience to level up their real estate photography skills. Dive into the untapped potential of golden hour shots and demonstrate how they can make property listings stand out.

“This one thing transformed my career. I was going to gatekeep this info because it was that good. But today, I’m sharing my secrets.”

Example: Share your career transformation story. Explain how you turned social media content into a powerful tool for converting followers into clients.

“Brace yourself! I’m spilling the tea on _____.”

Share a real-life horror story from a home inspection, revealing the unexpected twists and turns your clients faced and how you navigated through the challenges.

“Struggling with ______? Here’s a hack I wish I knew sooner.”

Example: Address the challenge of standing out in a crowded real estate market. Explore a unique marketing strategy that, if known earlier, could have set you apart from competitors. Share a story illustrating how a thoughtfully crafted buyer letter beat out a competing cash offer.

“Breaking the rules has never been this fun! Get ready to watch and learn.”

Uncover the charm of authentic social media representation in real estate. Explore the strategy of being genuinely yourself, avoiding the typical realtor robot routine of constant ‘just listed’ and ‘just sold’ posts. Witness how embracing authenticity sets real estate professionals apart, creating a social media presence that fosters real connection and engagement.

“Ready for a dose of realness? Let’s debunk (insert myth)!”

Example: Inject authenticity by debunking the myth that all home renovations guarantee increased property value. Provide realness by exploring the practical factors that truly impact a home’s market value. For instance, let’s unravel the truth behind the choice between marble and quartz countertops.

“Maximize your _____ with ______.”

Example: Encourage your audience to maximize their curb appeal with landscaping. Share tips and tricks on how strategic landscaping can enhance a property’s overall appeal and value.

“Uncover industry secrets that will revolutionize your _____ game!”

Example: Share a story about how you were able to negotiate on behalf of your clients significantly.

“OMG, WTF is _______ that I’m hearing about? Let’s talk about it!”

Example: Head over to the Real Estate News section on and find a trending topic in real estate, like the recent Sitzer/Burnett verdict on buyer agent compensation. Break down the details, providing your perspective and encouraging viewers to share their thoughts.

“Craving some insider knowledge? Here’s a secret hack you’ll thank me for!”

Example: Share a secret hack for effective home staging. Demonstrate how simple changes can make a big impact on the presentation of a property, and mention how staged homes sell for 1-10% more than unstaged homes.

“Ok, imagine this….”

Example: Share a story about navigating challenges early in your career. Discuss a difficult sale with a unique set of challenges and how those challenges were overcome. Also, highlight the lessons learned from that situation.

“This is what’s really going on with ____.”

Example: Address industry rumors or concerns, such as the recent resignation of the NAR CEO. Provide insights into what’s really happening, offering your perspective on the implications for real estate professionals.

“I wasn’t going to share this, but….”

Example: Build anticipation by stating, “I wasn’t going to share this, but… watch to discover the secret strategy that helped me close multiple deals in a competitive market.”