Ever notice that it seems easier to rack up views on TikTok than on Instagram? 

Turns out, there’s a reason for that. Up until now, Instagram only counted ONE view per user watching, no matter how many times they watched the reel

But—good news—Instagram recently announced that those metrics are changing. Read on to find out what’s new with Reels Insights and five ways to increase your replays to get more total views. 

Updates to Reels Insights

Instead of just one “play” metric, your reels insights are now broken down in the following ways, according to Instagram:

  • Initial Plays: The number of times your reel starts to play for the first time in a reel session and is played for 1 millisecond (ms) or more. Replays are not counted here. 
  • Replays: The number of times starts to play again after the initial play of your reel. This is defined as replays of 1 ms or more in the same reel session. 
  • Plays: The total number of times your reel starts to play or replay after an impression is already counted. This is defined as plays of 1 ms or more. Replays are counted after the initial play in the same play in the same reel session. 

Of course, don’t forget about the other insights for your reels:

  • Watch time: the total amount of time your reel was played
  • Average watch time: the average amount of time your reel was watched (Watch time initial plays)
  • Follows: how many accounts started following you after viewing a reel

5 Ways to Increase Your Replays

Now that Instagram is counting replays as additional views, your reels views could see a significant boost. Instagram coach Brock Johnson shared the best strategies for creating replayable reels to get your view count even higher. Check out the examples below for some reels inspiration!

#1—Reels with Long Captions

Reels with long captions often play several times over, as people typically watch the video fully, and then turn their attention to the caption to read the added value there. Pro tip: call attention to the caption in your video, so people know to look there for more. Taya DiCarlo does this masterfully in one of her latest “Taya’s 2 Cents” reels:

 #2—Short Reels

Short reels packed with value (especially when there is onscreen text ) are likely to be rewatched a few times in order for viewers to get all the info. Here’s a great example from Katie Lucie, where she showcases Jupiter’s 2023 waterfront home sales.

#3—Plot Twist Reels 

Whether it’s a plot twist or a highly entertaining reel, Matt Lionetti is an expert at making videos that people want to watch on repeat. 

 #4—Looping Reels

By this point, we’ve all seen looping reels. Some are so seamless that you don’t even realize the video has started over until several seconds in! Here’s an example from Paige Steckling that’s easy to replicate:

#5—Value-Packed Reels

When you provide endless value, people are going to replay your reels so they can absorb it all. By taking viewers step by step through a top-performing post, Haley Ingram from Coffee & Contracts hooked viewers in this mini-marketing lesson: