I attended a dinner party recently with a group of real estate agents. I knew no one other than a friend that brought me. While she was caught up in another conversation, another agent started chatting with me. We were making small talk, and out of nowhere he asked, 

So Lindsey Jo, who are you?

For a moment, I sat in stunned silence, my thoughts racing as I tried to find the right words to express myself. Until that moment, no one had ever asked me this question. I opened my mouth, ready to share my passion, but hesitated out of fear of being judged.

 Suddenly, without warning, I blurted out: “I’m just someone who feels most inspired when I’m inspiring others.”

 My stomach started doing somersaults for fear of what he might say. He just sat there, without saying a word, and slowly started to nod his head. Words started tumbling out of my mouth as if I had word vomit.


Sometimes, word vomiting on a stranger is what it takes to sort out your thoughts. 

I told him, “If you come across my videos online, you might laugh, or you might not. My goal is not to make you laugh. My message is to let agents know that they can be true to themselves and still thrive in the real estate industry. We have room for agents from all walks of life, and you’ll be received with open arms when you embrace your authentic self. It’s easy to feel like a failure when you feel everyone around you is constantly winning. Realtors who are struggling don’t know who to go to for guidance. I am deeply committed to supporting realtors who feel they are failing or lack a platform to express their voice.”

He continued to stare at me in silence. 

Somehow… Somewhere… I found the courage to say…

 “I feel in my heart that I am destined to inspire others.” 

 As those words left my mouth, I had full-body chills. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a passion to uplift others, but this was the first time I had openly expressed that I was destined to do this.

 After a moment of silence, he looked at me and said, “You remind me of Michael Jackson. He was a reserved person, but when he performed on stage, he came alive and used his music to connect with his audience. Similarly, in person, you’re reserved. You’re not here at this dinner dominating the conversation, but your online presence shows a different side of you – someone who uses their creative expression as a way to connect with other Realtors and deliver a message. I believe you’re called to do this.”

At that point, I was holding back tears. 

 My true joy in life comes from inspiring others to find their voice because for so long I felt like my own voice was constantly suppressed.

 I was bullied during my school years, and I can remember wanting to contribute to conversations but feeling scared of judgment. I always felt that people would make fun of me, so I remained silent. I didn’t even want to walk in the hallways of my school. And as I’m writing this, it’s uncomfortable and scary for me to share, but if it speaks to one person, then it’s worth it. 


As Realtors, we have to find our voice. If we don’t have a voice, how can we join the conversation? 

 A lot of us start by taking on the voice of others. Consider Dustin Brohm, aka Massive Agent. When he first got into real estate, he followed the path of his mentor who liked to cold call and door knock

Dustin would rather attract and connect with clients. He’s said he almost failed as a Realtor because he took on the voice of someone else. Fast forward to the present day, he created Massive Agent Society, has a very successful podcast, and has impacted the lives of so many Realtors solely by leaning into his passion and finding his own voice. 

 Finding your voice isn’t just about knowing who you want to be, it’s also about knowing who you don’t want to be. 

 So I am asking you today, 

Who are you? Have you found your voice? 

If you’re wondering how to discover your voice, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Keep reading, and I’ll provide valuable insights and actionable steps to guide you along your path.

1. Reflect on your hopes and goals: 

Reflect on your hopes and goals to understand what you stand for. Look around at companies or people you admire. What are they doing that resonates with you? This encourages self-reflection on your aspirations which allows us to gain a clear understanding of what you truly stand for. Then we can uncover the qualities, values, and approaches that align with your authentic expression, helping you refine your unique voice.

2. Commit to growth: 

Finding your voice is an ongoing process. It’s a continual journey that transforms alongside your personal growth. Stay open to learning and self-reflection. By doing this, you create an environment that allows your voice to naturally develop and transform over time. Recognizing that finding your voice is an ongoing process helps you maintain the mindset of exploration and adaptation, enabling you to embrace new experiences and insights that contribute to the evolution of your voice. 

3. Overcome self-doubt: 

It’s normal to have doubts or fear of judgment when finding your voice, but don’t let them hold you back. Your perspective is valid and valuable. Challenge yourself to venture beyond your comfort zone and take small steps towards expressing yourself more openly. By challenging ourselves, we can build confidence and expand our comfort zone, leading to the discovery and development of our unique voice.

4. Practice self-acceptance:

Embrace your strengths, quirks, and unique qualities. Accept yourself without trying to conform to anyone else’s expectations. Everyone’s journey is different, and there is value in your individuality. When we accept ourselves, we are no longer conforming to others’ expectations. By owning your unique qualities, you can confidently express yourself which allows you to find your voice in a way that is genuine to who you are.


When you find your voice, it focuses your energy and attention on what’s important and drives action. It’s an essential part of achieving success, both in personal and professional life. It’s about being true to yourself, identifying your passions, and pursuing them with authenticity. 

Don’t let fear or the opinions of others hold you back. Remember to embrace who you are, and let your voice be heard.