This week on the Knowledge Brokers Podcast, Byron Lazine and Tom Toole lead with their expectations for July, as well as for the second half of the year—which led to an important question: “What’s the best (remaining) month of this year to sell a home?” 

Pending sales are down, though buyer demand remains strong, and sellers who missed out on the springtime market and plan to sell before the year’s end may take a more aggressive approach. 

Rents are also down, which could offer relief for renters and make it easier to save for a down payment on a home. What doesn’t help are irresponsible self-proclaimed experts on Twitter stoking fears on home prices (and an Airbnb collapse). 

This is where you come in as a knowledge broker, providing real, reliable data to help buyers and sellers see through the nonsense and make smart decisions. 

Byron and Tom also discussed inventory for the remaining months of the year, the rise in GDP and in the personal consumption expenditure index (PCE).  

For the final segment, both offered their best advice for agents—both for those on track and for those falling behind—touching on both strategy and personal habits, emphasizing those that can transform your business, as well as those that can hold you back. 

This is the time for a mid-year evaluation of your progress and what you want to accomplish with the rest of 2023. And you’ll want to keep some things in mind as you head into your 4th of July weekend. 

Stay to the end so you don’t miss a word. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0000:51 Intro 

00:51 Expectations for July 

06:56 GDP’s upward revision 

07:49 What’s the best (remaining) month of this year to sell a home? 

16:47 Use the “Coming Soon” option on your MLS 

19:08 Handling transactions that don’t go well & taking responsibility 

24:17 Market updates to keep in mind over the holiday weekend 

25:44 Twitter controversy with negative poster stoking fears on home prices 

29:00 “Home price growth by months into the decade” (chart: Fortune) 

30:44 Time for a mid-year evaluation and advice for agents 

37:16 Discipline & cutting habits that are holding you back 

40:47 Make a pact for the next six months (with monthly & daily goals) 

44:57 Make the most of your holiday weekend

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