It’s officially Spotify Wrapped season. That means you’re about to be flooded with the music breakdowns of everyone you’ve ever met. 

If you haven’t shared yours yet, you should. Like The Broke Agent says, it’s good to give people a glimpse of your personality every now and then. 

Or, if you’re feeling creative, you can trendjack Spotify Wrapped for a new carousel post. Your Feed is probably littered with these types of posts too. (I just saw one breaking down top songs for all the astrological signs). 

Because let’s face it—this type of content gives us a break from the fear-mongering headlines and gives us some laughs to finish out the year. What would it be like if you got a Wrapped for your real estate career? Like, exactly how many minutes did you spend procrastinating before prospecting?

Fortunately, @thebrokeagent, @derrickswflrealtor and @kristensellshouses already made some epic posts. Here are our favorite Spotify wrapped memes for agents.


We’ve all been here…

Source: Instagram via ​​@thebrokeagent @derrickswflrealtor

Marry The House…

Some agents may feel like they heard the same thing over and over again…

Panic Time

Keep telling yourself 2023 is the year you’ll start meditating.

Source: Instagram via ​​@thebrokeagent @derrickswflrealtor

Listing Descriptions

Make 2023 be the year you outsource your listings (or buy a dictionary).

Source: Instagram via ​​@thebrokeagent @derrickswflrealtor

Market Watch

Add trying to explain interest rate hikes to clients, and you’ll easily log another 1,000 hours.

Source: Instagram via ​​@thebrokeagent @derrickswflrealtor

Dreaming of the 9-5 Life

Some days are harder than others. Does anyone else miss having a boss?

Source: Instagram via ​​@thebrokeagent @derrickswflrealtor

A Zillow Spin

This is all too relatable.

Source: Twitter via ​​@trungtphan