No one could be more ready to respond to Instagram DMs. You’re creating and posting content regularly, and you’re also engaging with other people’s content. 

So, what gives? By now, you’ve imagined people flooding your DM inbox with messages like, “You’re exactly the agent I’m looking for!” and “You have the best content! Please help me sell my home!” 

What’s missing? What are you doing wrong? Or what are you not doing? 

There are plenty of reasons people aren’t messaging you. Instead of micro-analyzing your previous posts for embarrassing typos or unintended double meanings, read on and allow these seven tips to soak in. 

Because the more you apply what you’ll learn here, the more likely you are to see those leads start sliding into your DMs. 

Let’s get started! 

#1—Understand the Timeline

The journey of an Instagram follower to a potential real estate lead is a marathon, not a sprint. It took me months to close my first deal from Instagram. 

While it’s tempting to focus on immediate results, it’s crucial to recognize that many of your followers are in the early stages of their real estate journey. Consistent, valuable content is key to gradually nurturing these potential leads. 

#2—Leverage IG Stories

Instagram Stories are perfect for quick, interactive engagement. Use polls, questions, and other sticker features to allow people to engage in an easier way than DMing you. 

Show up on Stories throughout your day to show a little bit of your personality, stay top of mind, and give your audience something to relate to or a reason to reach out to you. 

#3—Agents Are Lead Sources, Too

We get a lot of messages from agents who are concerned that they’re attracting too many other agents—and not enough real leads. Here’s the thing: Other agents can be a significant source of referrals. 

Real estate agents love following each other. It’s like an unspoken rule of the industry. This is great for quickly beefing up your follower count, which not only makes your profile look more legit but also gets your posts in front of more eyes—including those potential clients. 

Basically, by connecting with other agents, you’re effortlessly widening your network and reach. 

#4—Leverage Reels

Reels are a great way for agents to reach new people on Instagram. Two effective types stand out: 

  • Personal Reels that feature your face, creating a personal connection and building trust
  • Local-focused Reels that highlight area expertise, attracting those interested in your specific market.

Together, these approaches make Reels a perfect mix for expanding reach and building your personal brand. 

#5—Lead Magnets FTW

Let’s talk about adding some depth and diversifying your strategy with lead magnets. 

Offering valuable resources like comprehensive home-buying guides or detailed local market analyses in exchange for contact information allows you to build a more direct relationship with your audience. 

Now you’re in their inbox, building a relationship that’s not at the mercy of social media algorithms. 

#6—Email Newsletters (That Are Good)

Regular email newsletters can be a game-changer if done right. By regularly sharing insightful market updates, valuable content, and relevant experiences from your real estate journey, you can keep your audience informed and engaged. 

Consistently promote and talk about all of the great value in your newsletter on Instagram to encourage sign-ups. The great thing about this method is people are expecting and opening your emails, not marking them as spam. 

#7—Leverage Tools for Automation

ManyChat is great for lead magnets. Promote the lead magnet as the call to action in your post and ask your audience to comment a specific word to receive the freebie. This approach not only simplifies the process of distributing your lead magnets but also increases interaction on your posts, boosting their visibility. 

Next, grab a ton of b-roll video throughout your daily activities: 

  • Working on your laptop
  • Opening the door to preview a listing
  • Walking around a listing
  • Setting up for an open house
  • Walking with a coffee. 

You get the idea. Save these in an album on your phone, and use them when you need to post a Reel. 

Check out the Instagram post to learn about a surprise freebie for new Coffee & Contracts members. 

And if you’re struggling with the design of your social media posts, check out my online course on BAMx: “Mastering Canva Design for Real Estate Marketing.”