I’ve discovered a new Manychat feature that I am obsessed with! 

Manychat offers an “Instagram DM List” option, which functions similarly to a broadcast channel but with some big advantages. This feature allows you to send bulk Instagram messages that look and feel like personalized direct messages.

Unlike one-sided broadcast channels, where only you can send messages and followers can react but not reply, Manychat’s Instagram DM List allows you to send mass IG messages to a large group of followers at once.

Set Up a Manychat Instagram DM List

Setting up your list is simple. While building out your Manychat flow:

  • Select your trigger word.
  • Choose “Instagram message.”
  • Opt for “Instagram DM List.”
Manychat Instagram DM List

This option gives you the ability to send messages and broadcasts beyond the usual 24-hour limit. Subscribers have to “opt-in,” and you cannot change the default “subscribe to our updates” wording.

Here’s what it looks like once it’s all set up: 

Manychat Instagram DM list

When set up, this feature creates a more personalized approach compared to traditional broadcast channels, where everyone knows they’re part of a mass communication effort.

How to increase opt-ins

To encourage people to opt-in to your Instagram DM List, I would share something like this on your Instagram Story: 

Our free time is our most precious time! Whether it’s hiking with friends, enjoying sunrise yoga or indulging in Uber Eats while binge-watching Selling Sunset, it’s all about making the most of the moments we have. 

That’s why every Friday, I’m excited to bring you something fun and exciting to do right here in our amazing city! My goal is simple: I want to help you watch more sunsets, try out new and exciting workouts, and share unforgettable moments with friends.

If you’re interested in discovering the coolest and most exciting options our city has to offer, just reply with the name of our town, [insert your hometown].

Important Note: Before you promote this, you want to set up your trigger word in Manychat as the name of your hometown with the IG DM List as the action.

The key is NOT to send a bunch of market updates or information about interest rates. That is the quickest way to get people to opt-out and unsubscribe. 

Instead, think about hyper-local content/activities! Be sure to share these on your Instagram Story every Friday and send them out to your current subscribers each week! 

Pro-Tip: Include a photo that matches the promotion. For example, if you’re talking about a local sunflower field for Instagram photos, find an online photo of the field to include in your DM. People are more likely to engage if you include a photo. 

Hyper Local Content Ideas

To help streamline the process, start by putting together a list of local content ideas. That way, you don’t have to scramble for an idea last minute every Friday. Here’s a list I created for my market—feel free to snag these ideas and switch them up for your own:

  • Capital City Indoor Skydiving 
  • Goat Yoga in the Heart of D.C.
  • Monumental Milkshakes: The best in D.C.
  • Strawberry Picking Near the National Mall
  • Sunflower Fields for Stunning D.C. Selfies
  • Classic Drive-In Movies with a Capital View
  • Nature’s Waterslide Hike in D.C.’s Backyard
  • Boozy Tubing on the Potomac River
  • Speakeasy Secrets: D.C.’s Hidden Vault Bars
  • The Little Mermaid Pop-Up Bar in Logan Circle
  • Live Band Karaoke in the Capital
  • $25 All-You-Can-Eat Sushi in Shaw
  • Boozy Mini Golf in Capital Hill
  • Paddleboard Yoga on the Potomac
  • Splash Into Fun at this $17 D.C. Waterpark
  • Dinner in D.C.’s Best Hidden Garden
  • Ring-Class in the Heart of the Capital
  • D.C.’s Hidden Doors Museum
  • The Best S’mores in the Nation’s Capital
  • Discover a Hidden Beer Garden in D.C.
  • Kayak & Donuts on the Potomac River
  • A $65 Spa Day in D.C.
  • Design Your Own Earrings in the Capital
  • The Best Espresso Martini in D.C.
  • D.C. Renaissance Fair
  • Artistic Adventures: Painting and Pottery in the Capital

Here’s an example of what I’d put on my Story: 

Manychat Instagram DM List

No need to mention you’re a Realtor. Instead, concentrate on consistently providing insightful content about your hometown every week to establish yourself as a trusted expert in the community.  

And be sure to save these Stories to a highlight on your profile! You can name the highlight something clever like Capital Adventures, D.C. Adventures, Weekend Wonders, or City Escapes. That way, people can browse through the highlight photos on your profile, regardless of whether it’s a Friday when you’re promoting the weekend activity.