Have I told you about the five deals I closed with clients who signed up with me after seeing one of my “Just Sold” graphics on Instagram?

Because…that never happened. 

But I bet I had you wondering for a bit there. I mean, how many people stop scrolling for a “Just Sold” post on social media and think—just from that picture of a random house sold by a random agent—“Wow! That’s the agent for me!

There’s a reason those don’t work. Nobody cares about pictures of random houses sold by random agents they know nothing about. 

So, now that I’ve got your attention, I’ve got six ideas for content swaps to try that are anything but generic. Each one tells your audience a story they can enjoy in a few minutes—but that’ll stay with them for days, playing on repeat.

You’ll come across as more human and relatable, as well as competent and trustworthy. 

Worth a shot, right? Keep reading, and you’ll see what I mean.

#1—The First-Time Buyer Journey

This post is about how you helped a first-time buyer find and close on a home they love. Talk about the challenges you faced and overcame and what you learned from them. 

“15 showings, 5 offers, and 1 failed contract later, our buyer is under contract on his perfect first home. Here’s what we learned these past couple of months…”

Add three things you learned. For example: 

  • Patience is key
  • Pre-approval is critical
  • Things to look out for in showings

#2—Showcase Strategic Staging

In this post, you’ll highlight what you did to get buyers swooning over your client’s home, including how you drew people to the open house and what you did to set the stage for the best possible impression. 

“Would you believe me if I told you we had 12 offers on this house? Here’s how it happened…”

Then tell us how you marketed and staged the home, what potential buyers’ first impressions were, and any feedback you received from buyers and from your client. 

#3—Visualize the Process

Take your ideal client on a tour of the buying or selling process by creating a highlight Reel of the whole journey, encouraging your viewers to picture themselves in the (happy) client’s place. Make it more about the client and what this process is like for them. 

To create this post, record clips throughout the transaction. Then create a Reel of the transaction from start to finish, and walk us through each step.

#4—Buying Was the Better Option

If you’ve ever helped a renter become a homeowner, this is one post you’ve got to make. Tell a story about a client you have who came to you looking for a place to rent. What did you do as their agent that led them to making an offer on a home for sale instead? 

“When I met [Name], they were looking for a rental. Now, they have $10K in equity on their dream home…”

What was the turning point for this client—the point at which they decided to buy instead of continue renting? What was it about their situation that made buying a better option for them?

#5—From Expired to Sold

Sellers who have tried the for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) route are likely to be interested in learning how you managed to take an expired listing and completely turned things around, selling the home at a price well over your client’s original target. 

“A property with a history of 6 months on the market and zero offers. Sounds like a challenge? Here’s how we turned things around…”

Mention the strategies you used. For example:

  • Refined our price strategy
  • Leveraged social media marketing
  • Hosted themed open houses

#6—The Happy New Homeowners

Buyers want to picture themselves closing on a home they love—and then, finally, making it their own. So if you have a video showing this happy outcome for your clients, others will be better able to see themselves enjoying that outcome as a result of working with you. 

To create this type of post, record video clips throughout a client’s closing day, and end with a shot of your client waving by and closing the door of their new home. Then tell us about what happens on closing day, so future clients will know what to expect. 

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