Instagram tips don’t have to be a list of boring rules to follow. 

Most of the tips here in this post come from a green screen video I posted on Instagram—which is actually a tip in itself (see #7 to see what I’m talking about!)

Some of the tips come from what has worked for me, while others tips are based on mistakes we’ve seen too many agents making on Instagram. 

So, here’s a list of what I consider timeless advice on how to build a real estate brand you and your clients can be proud of, market it on Instagram like a pro, and have fun doing it. 

Let’s get started. 

#1—Show your face (not just a bunch of random graphics)

When people go to your account page for Instagram, they want to see pictures of a human—not just a bunch of random graphics. People connect with other people, not with random images. 

We like to know there’s an actual person behind the account. We want to see your face and images of you doing regular human things to get a sense of what it would be like to work with you. If all we see is a bunch of listing photos, you might as well be a bot. 

#2—Use titles on your post—and make them interesting!

When I look at your account page, I want to see titles on your posts, so I know what you post about, and I can get a sense of whether your account is one I want to follow. 

And this should go without saying, but don’t give your posts boring titles. Each post deserves a title that hooks your audience. A hook makes your viewer curious enough to watch your Reel or click through your carousel post. 

You can have the prettiest cover images for your posts. But if you don’t have any titles that make people want to click on your posts to see more, all that design work will do you no good. 

#3—Have your city or the words “real estate” in your username

Unless you’re already well-known in your market, consider including the name of your city and the term “real estate”  or “real estate agent” in your Instagram username. That way, you’ll come up when people search for real estate or an agent in your city.

You can also create a username that focuses on helping people move to a specific city—like Katie Day’s username, @movemetotexas, or Marie Lee’s username, @movemetotennessee

#4—Set up a form to collect emails

It’s all about collecting emails. You want people to not only click on and enjoy your posts but to actually take the time to subscribe to your email list for something they can only get from you. 

Unlike Instagram, your email list is something you own. When you have email subscribers, you can send them relevant and interesting content on a regular basis to stay top of mind. 

While you could instantly lose access to your social media followers, you can still touch base with your email list—assuming your internet is working. 

So, set up a landing page, and start creating CTAs that get people excited to sign up for your email list.   

#5—Choose a font and colors for your brand

Make your brand recognizable by choosing specific fonts and colors for it and using them in all your social media content. 

To find your signature fonts, you can choose from a wide variety of free fonts from a source like Google Fonts. Or you can buy a unique font from 

If you’re stumped on a color palette, Canva has some helpful tools and tutorials to help you narrow down your options. 

#6—Invest in professional branding photos

You can always see the difference between the photos taken by a professional and some casual shots with random lighting. The contrast is huge, and it’s one your audience will definitely pick up when they check out your account page. 

Professional branding photos are worth the additional cost. Professionals know lighting, and they know how to make the most of your best features. 

This is definitely one of those cases where you get what you pay for. And you don’t want potential clients thinking about your real estate services the way I think about those sad, poorly-lit photos. 

#7—Use green screen to repurpose older content

My 10 Instagram Tips post is an example of this tip: make a green screen video that repurposes content from older posts to create a list of things your client would be interested in: 

  • Tips on buying or selling in your market
  • Things they need to know about your city 
  • Tips on building your brand on social media
  • Things about you that not many people know
  • Things you love about being a real estate agent

Go through some of your older Reels, carousel posts, or blog posts, and look for things they have in common that you could gather into a list. Then use green screen to show those posts while pointing out the list items. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the details that go into creating posts for social media, sign up for BAMx and get my course, “Mastering Canva Design for Real Estate Agents.” Use the discount code HALEY for 10% off your subscription!