We’re halfway through 2023. You’ve got about 3.5 months to set up enough deals to reach your income goals for the year. And everything you’ve learned up to this point is just not getting you there. 

You’re not ready to give up. But those goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year seem further and further from reach. 

Thing is, it’s still possible to finish 2023 as a top agent in your market—getting the deals that slip through other agents’ fingers. If you can practice self-discipline and apply the right tactics, you’ll become one of the relative few who set the standard in any market. 

You’re about to learn three strategies each from Byron Lazine and Lisa Chinatti, two of the best team leaders in the business. Both are living examples of why these strategies work. 

Put them to work for you, and you’ll be unstoppable. 

Agent Tactics from Byron Lazine

Last week on the BAMx Facebook group, Byron Lazine hosted a livestream, “Halfway Through 2023” to help real estate professionals like you set yourself up for success over the next 90 days. 

And while there was much more to the livestream than what you’ll read here, we thought it important to share the three exercises he recommends for making the most of the time you’ve got left to reach your goals for the year. 

The first one lays the foundation. 

#1—Focus on routine and discipline—not on work-life balance.

You need a daily routine, and you need to stick to it. Practicing discipline from the moment you wake up sets the tone for the day and gets you in the right headspace for getting things done—especially the most important things. 

Striving for work-life balance, on the other hand, means you’re always looking for the on-off switch. You’re either “on” with work and “off” with your personal life—or the opposite. And when you go through each day like that, it becomes a lot more comfortable to be “off” work as opposed to “on.” When you switch off from work, it gets harder to switch back on. 

If you have a routine in place that not only gets you ready to jump into work with both feet but also helps you feel like the best version of yourself, it becomes easier to tell yourself, “I’ve got discipline and routine in my life that I’m not willing to sacrifice.” 

The best routines aren’t just about being a work machine and being ruthlessly efficient. They’re about becoming the person you want to be. Your routine is made up of habits you cultivate to tell yourself and the world who you are at your core and what you value. 

It becomes something you don’t want to give up or switch off. Because every day you carry it out, you feel more like the brightest and most energetic version of yourself. And it’s addicting. 

This is why Jared James asks, “Did you sweat today?” He knows working out every day is something top professionals do. It’s what primes them—body, mind, and soul—to get the most value out of every day. 

So, focus on routines and discipline—not work-life balance. 

#2—Identify your goals and what they will do for you.

If you’ve ever used GPS, you know how important it is to enter a specific destination, so your GPS can map out a precise route to get there. 

You need to know where you want to go in order to know how to get there: 

  • Which direction to take
  • Which roads are the safest and most reliable to travel 
  • How long it could take to get there
  • How to know when you’ve arrived

If you’re familiar with S.M.A.R.T. goals, you know that effective goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. They also need to be documented. 

It’s not enough that you have a goal in mind. You need to get it down somewhere—digitally, visually, or in writing. List all your goals out: all the things you want to accomplish this year. Then pick the three most important to you. 

Because those will be your focus for the next 90 days. 

#3—Identify your rocks for the next 90 days.

After you’ve listed out your goals for 2023 and identified your top three, this is where you take those three “rocks” and break them down, so you can identify the tactics that will help you accomplish all three of them in 90 days or less. 

Focusing on those three goals—the ones you’ll be carrying with you into July, August, and September, before the final quarter of 2023 begins—means asking yourself these questions:

  1. How will I measure my weekly progress toward each of my rocks? Or what measures will I use to keep a weekly score for each one?
  2. Who is responsible for helping me work toward those rocks? Who’s keeping me accountable? Is it an assistant, a VA, your spouse/partner? Or is it all on you? 

Making these three rocks your focus for the third quarter means putting aside other good things that won’t support you in making progress on those rocks. It means that if BAM comes out with another great ebook in two months, and it’s not in alignment with your Q3 rocks, you’ll make the following commitment to yourself: 

Thank you, BAM, for the ebook. I’ll consider reading that in Q4.  It doesn’t support me getting better on my three rocks for the next 90 days, so I’ll put it on my to-do list, or I’ll read it when I’m on vacation in November.” 

When you’re focused on your three rocks, you can’t afford to get distracted by the shiny new object. Because anything that could reduce your weekly progress toward your rocks will also reduce your income potential—and your growth as a real estate professional. 

You might want to make room in your schedule for one book in particular, though: Traction by Gino Wickman. You can also go to their website and download their PDFs for the EOS operating system. The book puts everything in context and shows how transformative this system is for business owners. 

I’d consider reading Traction if you want to get really structured and disciplined around creating goals and being able to chunk those down into a 90-day time frame…It’s going to help your mind. It’s going to help you be comfortable with the fact that, as a business owner, there’s not a lot of turn-off time. You just need to be in an optimal state to be able to handle it better.

Byron Lazine

Also, whatever your chosen rocks for the next 90 days, the fact is you need to be having as many conversations as possible on a daily basis—or as many as you need to get your daily goal number of appointments set (more on that in a bit). 

So, that text message machine in your pocket will be going off all day and every day. Because that’s what you signed up for: serving your state as a real estate professional with a license. 

As such, you’re in a unique and advantageous position. Because, as Byron pointed out, “people with licenses, over the next ten years, are going to make far more than people with degrees.” 

We’re in a special spot to have licenses that we’ve accumulated that allow us to build the businesses that we want. But we also signed up for a lot of questions, a lot of high-impact conversations coming our way.

Byron Lazine

So, to recap: 

  • Routine and discipline over the on/off switch and striving for work-life balance
  • Identify and document your goals
  • Pick the three most important as your three rocks, and score yourself on them weekly. 

Agent tactics from Lisa Chinatti

Our favorite Boston badass, Lisa Chinatti, joined Dan Oneil for a “Team Building Mastermind” you can access in its entirety on BAMx

Near the end, Lisa broke down three things you, as an agent, need to do for the rest of the year to dramatically improve your income potential for 2023 and beyond. 

#1—Track your numbers

Lisa had explained earlier in her presentation what a difference it made in her career once she committed to setting up at least two appointments every day between 8 am and 6 pm. She’d get her kids to the bus stop, get to work, and get right down to calling people and getting to her daily goal of two appointments—ten appointments a week—which resulted in an annual income of about $750K as a solo agent in 2016. 

Once she set up those two appointments, she would treat herself to something she enjoyed. And since she also made role-play practice a daily priority, it rarely took her until 6 pm to get those two appointments set. 

This is why it’s critical to your success as an agent to know and track your numbers. 

Know how many deals you need to get for the end of the year, how many contracts does that mean, how many appointments, how many conversations, how many leads. You should all be able to rattle that number off the top of your head. And it should be so internalized that everything you do is eat, sleep, drink, dream those numbers.

Lisa Chinatti

To get to where you’re going, you need a plan. And in real estate (as in many things), the plan is the numbers. 

Business is math… If I know the numbers, I know how to get us where we need to go.

Lisa Chinatti

#2—Make a commitment to yourself—and make it visual

As important as numbers are, they won’t get you anywhere if you don’t commit to taking the action required to go after them. 

Once you know your minimum appointment count for the day, commit to reaching that number every single day for the next 180 days. Or use a weekly appointment target if you’d rather. But make a commitment—and stick to it. 

Also, make those commitments to yourself visible. Put them up where you can’t miss them. And let other people in your circle know what those commitments are. Better yet, let them see your progress, too. Let them see that you’re holding yourself accountable. 

And while you don’t have to brag about your results, don’t hide them, either. Let people see what happens when you set challenging goals for yourself, commit to taking daily action toward those goals, and consistently take it. 

#3—Find someone who will hold you massively accountable

Having witnesses to your goals and progress can be very helpful. Having people who will hold you accountable for the commitments you make is even better. 

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Lisa has a 15-minute accountability call where she and her fellow accountability partners rattle off their numbers: 

  • Agent count
  • Deal count 
  • Listing count

No one wants to have to tell an accountability partner that they’ve regressed or dropped the ball with their goals and commitments. You want to be able to deliver good news every time. 

And while we’re all human, and we have crummy days, we still control how we handle them. 

You want most, if not all those accountability reports to show that you’ve got the grit to keep going, keep learning, and keep getting better at what you do. 

So, how will you implement these six agent tactics this week? And who will keep you accountable? 

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