Want to know what kinds of books top real estate agents read—and recommend to every agent they know? 

Last week on the Knowledge Brokers Podcast, Byron Lazine, Lisa Chinatti, and Tom Toole answered that question with their own list of the top books for real estate agents.

And you’ll want to add every single one to your real estate business library! 

#1—Versatile Selling (Wilson Learning) 

If you’re a KBP regular, this one should sound familiar—but it’s well worth recommending twice! 

The book is Versatile Selling: Adapting Your Style So Customers Say “YES!” by Wilson Learning. And you’ll find the key objectives for this book spelled out clearly on the cover. 

You’ll learn how to determine your own style, learn to read those of other people, adapt your style to that of your customer, and make it comfortable for them to buy. 

In her own words, here’s why Lisa recommends this book to every real estate agent: 

Knowing personality types, the keywords, and how it impacts sales is one of the biggest skill sets that a real estate agent should have.

Lisa Chinatti

#2—Miracle Morning for Real Estate Agents (Hal Elrod, Michael J Maher, Michael Reese, & Jay Kinder—w/ Honoree Corder)

Byron’s first pick is Miracle Morning for Real Estate Agents by Hal Elrod, Michael J. Maher, Michael Reese, and Jay Kinder—with Honoree Corder, who has collaborated with Hal Elrod on several of his Miracle Morning books (including Miracle Morning for Writers—which this writer highly recommends). 

I’m gonna do the one that I buy for every agent when they onboard. It’s Miracle Morning for Real Estate Agents. I think it’s such a hard business that if you don’t have the mindset right, you’re gonna be in that 87% that fail.

Byron Lazine

The Miracle Morning books are excellent for helping you cultivate habits that get your mindset right first thing in the morning.  

#3—Real Estate According to Mike Ferry (Mike Ferry)

Tom’s first recommendation is Real Estate According to Mike Ferry—written by the man himself. 

Available only in paperback, this short book gives the author’s perspective on the real estate business, covering everything from lead generation to getting paid and maintaining a good relationship with your clients post-transaction. 

This one is the book that changed my career…It is Real Estate by Mike written by Mike Ferry… It’s basically a pamphlet…And it says, ‘Here’s what you want to do to be successful.’ And I didn’t even get through the whole book when I read it. It said, ‘Call your sphere,’ and this is in 2008. I said, ‘Great, well, my sphere’s not buying anything. People are losing their jobs.’ And then it was, ‘Expired listings, for-sale-by-owners,’ and I put the book down, and I started doing it. You guys got to know me through expired listings. That’s been one of my things that really drove my business.

Tom Toole

#4—Exactly What to Say for Real Estate Agents (Phil Jones, Jimmy Mackin, & Chris Smith) 

Tom’s second pick is available in ebook as well as paperback and audiobook. Phil Jones, Jimmy Mackin, and Chris Smith co-authored this book—Exactly What to Say for Real Estate Agents.

If you’re familiar with those names, nothing else needs to be said, other than “get this book.” If you’re not yet familiar with these authors…get this book. 

I’m a big script guy. I find that NLP confuses people if you don’t really study it. Phil and Jimmy and Chris broke it down in easy ways to use the strategies that are gonna take the pressure out of having difficult conversations for people. And I think that skill is more important than ever right now in 2023.

Tom Toole

#5—The Agent’s Edge (Jordan Cohen) 

Byron’s second pick is a book he reviewed recently for BAM and which he recommends to every agent at every stage of their career. 

The Agent’s Edge by Jordan Cohen is both timely and timeless. You’ll get what we mean once you grab your own copy and start reading—which you should do immediately. 

It’s Jordan Cohen’s new book. He’s the number one Re/Max agent worldwide…He goes through from how he started [with] $400K homes, and the same principles apply on these multi-million dollar homes on how to win listing appointments. He could have written this book ten years ago or ten years forward, and these principles are going to be relatable if you want to actually win listings—if you’re going to be on the appointment and convert…Nobody is gonna call you off a postcard and be like, ‘Wow! You have now won the listing!’ And what he talks about in this book is being able to get in front of people and win listing appointments—how to generate them, how to win them, how to take them down. And I don’t care how many leads anybody dumps on agents (listing leads). If they’re not able to convert at the listing appointment, it doesn’t matter. And Jordan has some really tried and true principles in there—some things that even made me say, ‘Wow! That’s something I should be coaching differently. That’s something I should be thinking about differently.’ So, it’s The Agent’s Edge. It just came out. It’s fantastic!

Byron Lazine

#6—Never Split the Difference (Chris Voss & Tahl Raz)  

Lisa’s second book recommendation for real estate agents is Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss and Tahl Raz, which dives deep into another skill every agent needs to cultivate and continually sharpen to not only succeed in this business but to become a better communicator. 

Negotiation is so important. I think it is a skill that most of us don’t practice enough. And it makes or breaks sales and relationships across the board.

Lisa Chinatti

Double your excuse for book shopping! 

As a special treat, Byron, Lisa, and Tom also gave their top six book recommendations for team leaders in the real estate industry.

#1—Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable (Patrick Lencioni)

Lisa’s first pick for team leaders is Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni. 

It’s a great read and it was one of the first ones that was game-changing for me in my mentality of how I started this journey

Lisa Chinatti

#2—How to Win Friends and Influence People (Dale Carnegie)

Byron’s first pick for team leaders is one he recommends just as enthusiastically to real estate agents: How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

It’s one of the first books I read as an agent. Whether you’re an agent or a leader, this one fits right into the leadership category as well, so I think it’s something we’ve all read. If you haven’t read it, it’s a must read…absolutely a must as you’re starting your business or sales career to read that book. And every leader should probably even refresh on that every couple years.

Byron Lazine

#3—Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill)

Tom recommends the Napoleon Hill classic, Think and Grow Rich, for any type of business person—and really anyone committed to working on themselves and striving for success in life. 

I think this applies for any sort of business, right, where you’re working on yourself…Josh Rubin, who’s a friend of all of ours, read it. And it was after Summit one year, and he said, ‘Hey, let’s start a Mastermind Group, just like Think and Grow Rich.’ And that’s legitimately changed the trajectory of me as a leader and I think all of us, in a lot of ways…It’s a great book to think about taking ownership in your business.

Tom Toole

#4—Trillion Dollar Coach: The Leadership Playbook of Silicon Valley’s Bill Campbell (Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg, Alan Eagle)

Tom’s final book recommendation is Trillion Dollar Coach.

[It’s] a book about Bill Campbell, who was the coach at Apple, Google, Intuit, and some other places where he had to deal with people, deal with issues…A couple of things that always stick in the back of my mind when I read that book is if there’s an elephant in the room, my goal was to shoot the elephant and pin it on the wall so you can move on.

Tom Toole

#5—Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business (Gino Wickman)

Byron’s final pick—another book he loves for both agents and team leaders—is Traction by Gino Wickman, which is more applicable to personal life and relationships (as well as professional) than you might think. 

I think the one that can be most impactful for the most people would be Traction by Gino Wickman. I’m such a big believer in EOS. Both BAM and the real estate team are running off of EOS. It’s game-changing. If you’re a leader, and you’re feeling, to some degree, like you’re floundering or you’re not organized, you’re not getting anything done at meetings, or you don’t have a structure on how to set and accomplish goals, this book kind of packages it all together for you.

Byron Lazine

#6—Predictable Success: Getting Your Organization on the Growth Track-And Keeping It There (Les McKeown)

Lisa’s final book recommendation was Predictable Success by Les McKeown. 

It kind of talks through the cycles of business. And, as I’ve read it, every single time I’ve read it, I’ve been like, ‘Holy shit! That happened to me!’ It talks about going through the cycle of the fun stage, where money’s coming in and everything seems great, and then the inevitable start of things starting to fall apart, and the whitewater phase of business, where things get dicey because things have grown so fast, and people need to change. And it kinda helped me understand that sometimes, those that started with us aren’t always gonna be with us, but also understanding the psychology of it. And then it talked about the treadmill phase, which is where it’s easy to get stuck in a rut with business and leadership and the importance of not allowing that to happen. And I actually felt myself slipping there, at one point…It’s one of my favorite, favorite books.

Lisa Chinatti

Bonus: A few more favorites

As an added bonus, all three mentioned some other favorites worth reading (and sharing with your fellow agents and team leaders): 

And finally, we have, by honorable mention, Commission Impossible by The Broke Agent.

It’s actually a very, very funny book, but…if you want to be successful, don’t follow anything in that book.

Tom Toole