On this week’s episode of the Byron Lazine Podcast, I sat down with real estate coach, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur Jared James to talk about pillars in the business, coaching, your first hire, and much more.

Tune in for the full conversation, and check out a few of Jared’s insights below. 

Connection over perfection

Right from the start, I asked Jared about his pillar talking points – how many he has and whether they’ve evolved. “Connection over perfection” is one. Closely related to that is “visibility over ability.” Because the best isn’t always what wins. 

It’s the one who’s actually there – the one who’s an option. That’s 100% of the time the one that always wins.

Jared James

Speaking of Coaching

When I look at the coaching industry, I have a strong relationship with Tom Ferry, and he’s always spoken so highly of Jared. To me, that’s the biggest compliment in the industry you can have. 

We’ve talked about how, when we look at the future, we believe it’s me and him… We both believe that we’re good for the industry… The industry is plenty big. And if you believe someone is good for the industry, I’m all for it. Everyone’s gonna eat.

Jared James

Accountability and free coaching

As someone who benefits from paid coaching, I know from experience that one-on-one accountability is really hard to replace. To me, there’s a clear distinction between training and coaching. I brought up my debate with Ricky Carruth

I saw that debate, and Ricky’s a good guy… Coaching and training are two different things. And the idea of free coaching—or the idea that paying for coaching means that you don’t care about those people—well, that means that every person listening who’s charging their clients to buy and sell houses doesn’t care about the consumer…

Jared James

Your First Hire

I asked Jared whether any agent, once they get into this business, should have the goal of being a solo agent. 

His answer was a quick no because every agent needs to make at least one hire.

No. It’s stupidity. It’s absolute stupidity. At least get a TCa Transaction Coordinatorat very minimum….It used to be admin was number one; that was your number one hire. I don’t believe that anymore. You’re number one hire now is a TC.

Jared James

He shared this is not a hire you need to make after a certain number of transactions, but to make sure you have a Transaction Coordinator from day one. It teaches you to delegate right from the start, and gives you more time to be out talking to people. Plus, a TC will be better than you at the paperwork and organization. 


Jared’s take on the “I am enough” idea is much more relatable because it rests on something more solid than pithy sentiment. It’s about authenticity. But there’s a challenge that not everyone is willing to discuss. 

My career changed when I decided that I was enough. I didn’t want to spend five years acting like something I wasn’t just to attract people who didn’t even know who I was… I asked myself the question if I would rather succeed as a fraud or fail as myself? Now, that sounds really easy. But I really want to succeed…

Jared James

What should agents be doing right now?

It’s a simple question, but it led to a longer follow-up conversation you won’t want to miss. 

It’s all brand-building… The reason why it’s so powerful… is ‘cause it’s the gift that keeps on giving. We’ve had students this week that have signed up for coaching who watch my team-building video from eight years ago… The same video keeps feeding the market.

Jared James

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