Many agents create listing videos for their sellers. And we know why—they can create a lot of buzz around a property, showcase your marketing skills, and become social proof that you can use in future appointments. 

But what about “Just Closed” videos? Yes, we’re talking videos here, not your generic “Just Closed” templated graphics that everyone scrolls by. 

With some b-roll footage, or by recording a couple of extra scenes the day you film your listing video, you have all you need to create “Just Closed” videos like Krys Benyamein.

And they might just be all the proof you need to entice potential sellers.

One Man’s Shit is Another Man’s Treasure

Let’s start by acknowledging Krys’s impressive dance moves. If you are a real estate agent and can dance — use that to your advantage. 

The wordplay on the saying, “One man’s shit is another man’s treasure” is used brilliantly here. Krys knows that at first glance, this property doesn’t seem like much. But, it’s all about that potential!

Body rolling his way through every room in the house, Kyrs somehow manages to showcase the size of the property, despite the mess.  

Krys does an amazing job hooking the viewer and keeping them entertained—but when you take a look at the caption, you see the true genius behind his “Just Closed” videos. 

Krys gives a full case study, breaking down the steps he took to close this property:

  • Connecting with investors
  • Holding an open house
  • Advertising on Youtube and Facebook 

The results speak for themselves with this proactive approach as his marketing strategy received: 

  • 9,000 + video views 
  • 6 offers on this house (one from a listing video

By sharing the process, Kyrs creates a piece of social proof that’s far more entertaining than a generic template. And, at the end of his caption, he leaves potential sellers with something to think about:

If we could do THAT with THIS, you should see what we do with the pretty houses.

An Enchanted Bungalow Case Study

In another video, Kyrs keeps the video simple, yet engaging, letting every viewer know he just closed on another house:

Once again, the caption provides the case study, detailing how he went the extra mile to get his seller over 10 offers for a sale price $110K over the list price (with limited contingencies):

  • Cleared all the furniture and hauled the trash away
  • Removed overgrown plants that hid home address and added new plants and mulch
  • Power washed and repainted the exterior
  • Repainted all the interior walls and cabinets and replaced all fixtures in the house. 

But that is just half the work that went into this sale. As far as marketing goes, he:

  • Worked with @mantrahomestaging
  • Created a digital marketing campaign that resulted in 15,000+ video views and 157 website visits
  • Hosted a massive open house, personally inviting people from the neighborhood which resulted in more than 100 attendees.

When homeowners see all that went into the sale of this house, they’ll likely take note of the listing agent. 

Create Your Own “Just Closed” Videos

To create your own “Just Closed” videos, use Krys’s formula:

  1. Plan ahead by capturing extra footage while filming your listing video
  2. Keep track of all you do for your seller throughout the process, from decluttering and staging to marketing and negotiating
  3. Edit the video so it has a hook and keeps the viewer visually engaged
  4. Add your case study to the caption

Take your branding and social media presence to the next level by putting in a bit of extra time to create “Just Closed” videos. 

Not only is it another piece of social proof, but it shows potential sellers exactly what they want to see: how you go above and beyond to get results for your clients.