This new listing video from Krys Benyamein does not miss.

If you are in a content rut and need inspiration to showcase your newest listing, take a cue from the best and go create. 

Engaging Hook 

What separates this listing video from most is that it starts with an engaging hook inspired by a post from Brock Bresser. Krys is already a funny individual in his videos, so we know we are in for great content the moment he shows up on our Instagram feed. And by including some physical humor right from the start, he captures the viewers’ attention and has them waiting for more.  

Listing videos can quickly become one in a saturated crowd if they are done like everyone else. By taking a new approach—whether with a visual hook, a catchy phrase, or some physical comedy—you can avoid creating content that feels generic and familiar. Let your audience know why they should watch your video and make them watch it on repeat. 

Budget Friendly Recording 

After Krys gets the viewer’s attention, he shows quality shots of the house and property in Rosemead, California. 

This means he did not have to schedule a separate time to film a full listing video that shows him walking (or running or dancing) through the house. Instead, he got footage of the property in a simple, clean way without any other theatrics.

From there, he added on that incredible hook—making a listing video that is both engaging and budget-friendly. 

Showcasing your listings is an essential part of marketing homes, but that doesn’t mean you have to create full-out productions in order to stand out. Krys shows that a little creativity, coupled with high-quality photos or videos, is all you need to capture attention. 

Now watch it again—with me.