Client events are a great way to stay in front of your database and show your appreciation for everyone you’ve worked with. 

But to truly make an impact, you need to plan and execute these events with care and attention to detail. 

Here are three tips to throw an unforgettable client event.

#1—Hire a Photographer

Better yet—hire a company that prints out photos in real-time, like Hollywood Photo Booth. 

We collect the information of everyone who RSVPs on Eventbrite. However, if you are hosting an event in a public space, people may walk in off the street. 

A company like Hollywood Photo Booth collects everyone’s phone number and email address as they print out photos in real time. And that gives you more people to follow up with after the event. 

#2—Serve Good Food

It doesn’t matter if it’s tacos, crepes, or burgers—but consider foods that are easiest to eat when standing up and mingling. 

I also love it when caterers prepare the food right on-site. It fills the area with good smells and brings everyone together in one space. Plus, when people know food is coming, they are likely to stay a little longer. 

Bottom line: you need good food to throw a good event.

#3—Parlay it with a Holiday

Pairing your event with a holiday theme—whether it’s Easter, Christmas, or Thanksgiving—helps attract more attendees. 

People love doing things in the spirit of the holidays, especially when it involves connecting with their community and enjoying festivities tailored to the occasion. 

What client events are you planning this year?