As real estate agents, we often search for unique ways to connect with our communities. Today I am going to do a deep dive into a neighborhood-centric event I use to tap into my geographical farm

Even better, it’s inexpensive and ridiculously easy to execute—and it’s a hit with the neighbors.  

It is simple: I rent a Kona Ice truck and organize a gathering three times a year for the residents of my geographical farming area. Using a simple tactical approach, anyone can host an event like this in no time. Let me walk you through it. 

Timing is Everything

Choose a weekend day when the town calendar is clear, avoiding conflicts with major events or school breaks. I like to spread the events throughout the year:

  • one the week before Easter
  • one the first weekend after public schools close out for the summer
  • one in early December

This timing ensures maximum attendance and engagement for my geographical farm.

P.S.: I also chose this timeline so that I can easily elevate these events to include an Easter egg hunt, and summer or holiday-themed additions.

Location, Location, Location

This will vary per farm, but I recommend selecting a neighborhood with communal spaces like a pool, lake, or park—ideal for hosting and gathering people. If you can attract the entire farm with one stop, take advantage of that. In my situation, I have two stops, each hitting a different neighborhood within the farm. I book the Kona Ice Truck for two hours, giving me 55 minutes at each stop. 

Marketing Matters

Getting the word out involves the most legwork for this event. Here is a simple breakdown of my plan:

3 weeks out  

Send the entire geographical farm of 1000 homes, an every-door direct mailer with all the event details, and a QR code to RSVP.

Katie Lucie direct mailer

Direct Mailer

2 weeks out 

Send a second every-door direct mailer to the entire geographical farm. This one is a market update or social proof piece on the front as the main content and the back of the mailer is an event reminder, again with a QR code to RSVP.

1 week out 

Send event invitations in a handwritten envelope to each of the 300 homeowners in the communities that the Kona Ice truck will be visiting. There is another prompt to scan a QR code and RSVP here.

Week of 

I call all 300 homeowners and personally invite them to the event. I have most of these phone numbers saved in my CRM and I use the white pages to find the balance. It’s crucial to invite everyone, regardless of whether they have kids. In my farm the older residents appreciate the nostalgia of times when their children were young.

P.S.: If you don’t like making calls, this is for you. I promise it is very easy to call someone to tell them that you are providing something for them for free. 

Day of 

On the morning of the event, I strategically place custom-made lawn signs at the neighborhood entrances. These signs, created simply by me on Canva reinforce my brand and serve as a last-minute reminder for those who missed earlier communications.

Lawn Sign

The Event

When it’s time for the event to start, I literally just show up. No setup required.

The Kona Ice truck rolls in, with music and a customized event board, setting a festive tone. The clean, eco-friendly setup of the Kona Ice truck makes it preferable over traditional ice cream trucks. 

My role is simple yet impactful – mingle and engage with the community. It’s a relaxed environment that allows for genuine connections. Thanks to Lindsey Jo’s Starbucks strategy, I plan to elevate my next event by incorporating a QR code for adults to scan for a free Starbucks drink. It not only collects the email addresses of my target homeowners, but it also adds value for the adult attendees.


In my three events so far, the impact has been impressive – from two appointments at the last event to a palpable sense of familiarity towards me from the homeowners within the community. 

This approach demonstrates the power of simple, well-executed events in real estate. Not only do kids eagerly anticipate these gatherings, but they also create an avenue for in-person connections and brand building.