It’s happened to you before. 

You have an incredible video topic that you’re ready to film. But when you press record, you’re stuck staring blankly at the camera. You know you need a hook that will capture the audience’s attention so they’ll stick around for the real value of the video—but the words just aren’t coming. Perhaps you’ve even spent that past hour scrolling through social media, trying to gather inspiration, and you’ve still got nothing. 

We get it. It’s beyond frustrating. 

But don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. 

Brooks Landry (aka Captain Hook) and BAM have teamed up to bring you Hooked: How to Make Your Video Intros Impossible to Ignore – the ultimate guide to creating attention-grabbing video intros that will keep your viewers hooked! 

Make Your Video Intros Impossible to Ignore

Download “Hooked” to discover the secrets to creating video content that your audience will love. And for those days when your creativity tank is running on empty, we’ve included a list of 100 hooks ready for your next video. 

Inside this BAM guide, you’ll find:

  • Common characteristics that great hooks have
  • 10 effective ways to create your own attention-grabbing hooks
  • Examples from some of the best content creators in the real estate industry
  • 100 hooks for real estate agents to use in videos

So go ahead, and click the link to access this free guide now. We dare you to use all 100 hooks before the year is up.

Hooked: How to Make Your Video Intros Impossible to Ignore
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