This week on The Real Word, Byron Lazine and Nicole White are recording at 66 High Street, for reasons they explain at the end of the pod. If a $10,000 listing bonus sounds good to you, stay tuned and take notes. 

Topic #1 was a BAM article on mortgage professionals living paycheck to paycheck, which naturally segued to a TikTok video asking agents, “What’s the longest time you’ve had to wait to get paid as a real estate agent?”

Next up was another BAM article, this one from BAM Creator Tom Toole, on how to overcome the top four seller objections. And, as it happens, his latest course on objection handling is available as a free course for BAMx members (That’s two Tom Toole courses on BAMx, for anyone who’s counting.)

If you’re not on BAMx yet, sign up now to see what you’ve been missing. 

Finally, topic #3 returns to the breathtaking venue for today’s episode, along with details on a special listing incentive they’re offering—on top of a commission or referral check. 

Interested agents are invited to a party scheduled for next week. And today’s viewers are invited to comment on whether it’s the right move to offer a $10,000 listing bonus when the units are in no danger of not selling. Tune in to catch all the details!

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0000:52 Intro 

00:52 #1—Mortgage pros living paycheck to paycheck 

04:30 Reacting to a TikTok video on real estate agents 

10:31 #2—Handling top four seller objections (BAM) and Tom Toole’s new BAMx course 

12:17 Objection #1: “The timing isn’t right.” 

16:16 Objection #2: “The house isn’t ready.” 

18:29 Objection #3: “I don’t know where to go.” 

20:26 Objection #4: “We have an off-market sale in the works.” 

22:29 #3—Listing bonuses: 66 High Street (nine units left) & why we’re offering a $10,000 bonus

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