Welcome to this week’s selection of bad real estate pics, straight from Instagram. #5 really got into the spooky spirit this year. 

#1— Half Bath From Hell

Just in time for Halloween! This is one of the most horrifying real estate pictures I’ve ever seen. Can you imagine the humiliating crawl from the “bottom” of the stairs to the toilet? Hard pass on this dungeon.

#2— F*ck You Fence, Part 2

Another week, another not-so-passive-aggressive fence. Petition for these submissions to start requiring a rundown on the neighborhood disputes that lead to such drastic measures.

#3—Lego House

If this seller doesn’t have children, they have a lot of explaining to do. What compels someone to do this? Respect the attention to detail with that toilet paper holder though…

Our fav comment from @amberelster “How did an 8 yr old get approved for a mortgage?”

#4—Master Bath?

This is NOT what we mean when we say ensuite bathroom!

#5—Happy Halloween!

Ok. It’s a nice house and all, but whose idea was this?? Praying that these weren’t the actual listing photos because holy jumpscare.

#6— All the angles

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of that hill. Sledding, slip ‘n’ slides, skiing? All within the realm of possibility. As for the house itself? The angled walls are bizarre and enough to make any claustrophobic run for the hills.

#7— Potato Lovers Dream

Things were going really well with this one…until the shed. These people seem like grade A doomsday preppers.

#8— Step by Step

This is worse than people who plaster their homes with Live, Laugh, Love signs. Who needs decor that details how to use bathroom? “WIPE??” WTF. 

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