If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. At least that’s what I thought.

No, I’m not talking about gender reveals. I’m talking about the pumpkin spice of home decor: wooden signs with sappy phrases. Things like, “together is my favorite place to be,” or the one that started the craze, “live-laugh-love.”

They show up so many times in listing photos that I usually gloss right over them. But when someone zoomed in on this Wisconsin listing, it immediately got picked up on Zillow Gone Wild:

Of course, there’s only one spot for a “Welcome to Poundtown” sign: above the bed.

A House of Signs 

At first, I thought some poor near-sighted old person bought it thinking it said: “Welcome to Paradise.” But it turns out this house is filled with signs that describe what you should be doing in each room. For example:

  • The kitchen is made for dancing,” Obviously this is where the foreplay takes place.
  • Brush & Floss,” Because no one wants to go to poundtown with someone whose breath smells like rotting fish.

Flippers and Signmakers

As you might have guessed, “Welcome to Poundtown” didn’t come from Target. Lauren Hegenbarth has been a DIY enthusiast since 2015, making signs and wreaths and selling them on her Facebook group called Sleepless Beauty Designs. Or, for the more daring, SBD VIP – After Dark.

If you’re looking for some mildly inappropriate products, join my VIP After Dark group!! Definitely not a group for the easily offended, or most typical Karens!”

Sleepless Beauty Designs

Not only does she make signs, but she and her husband have also flipped four houses together. Naturally, Lauren stages them. 

Lauren first saw a similar Poundtown sign online, and decided to make one for her husband, who was on work deployment at the time. She knew it was perfect for their bedroom because she and her husband share the same “sense of humor that is 50% sarcasm and 50% raunchy,” according to an interview with Fox News.

Welcome to Poundtown

If you are wondering where you can get your own “Welcome to Poundtown,” you aren’t the only one:

Fortunately, Lauren moves fast and is already working on a website. Head to her Facebook page for updates. 

You might just find something to stage your next listing.