Welcome to this week’s selection of bad real estate pics, straight from Instagram. Numbers 3 and 6 will have you grateful to take your normal shower tonight… 

#1 — House of Horrors

This absolute fever dream of a house looks like a deeply disturbed elementary school art teacher decided to take too much acid and go to town. I mean, seriously, a few coats of paint wouldn’t have broken the bank. 

Source: @whatthecrazyhouse Caption: Questionable artwork here. It could be cute after gallons of paint. @laura_caron_vbank

#2 — The Hobbit House

This place is the setting of some weird crossover episode of the Flintstones meets the Hobbit series. I think we’re calling this cottagecore now?

Source: @zillowgonewild Caption: Here’s your chance to FINALLY live like a hobbit. Currently listed for $315,000 in River Falls, WI. 2 bd, 2 ba. 2,236 sq ft. 3.47 acres. Link in bio for the listing. Follow @zillowgonewild for the most unique fun on instagram!!!

#3 — DIY Bathtub

I genuinely don’t want to know how dirty I’d have to be to use this “bath.” Props to the guy who saved a ton of money not outsourcing a bathroom renovation. 

Source: @badrealestatepics Caption: “Tub goals 👀”

#4 — A Real Life Time Machine

At least it has a lot of character? It feels like this house has been sitting untouched for 50 years. On the other hand, it looks eerily similar to the set of Don’t Worry Darling.

Source: @whatthecrazyhouse Caption: “What’s behind the green doors? 1977” 

#5 — Really Wants a Patio

Just the definition of a fuck you fence. Also, there’s no shot this is legal! Desperate to know the neighborhood beef that must have started this and who installed this monstrosity. 

Source: @whatthecrazyhouse caption: Since when do fences cover sidewalks?

#6 — Jack & Jill Adventure Tub

I feel like the designer of this really thought he was doing something special. Somehow the most annoying thing about this is the mounted dressers.  Fav comment: “I’m just picturing the awkward naked crawl in and out of this thing.” by @j630mc

Source: @whatthecrazyhouse Caption: “Twin #deathtraptub anyone?”

#7 — Vroom Vroom

Genuinely dying to know the relationship status of the person who sleeps in this bed every night. Do they take people home from the bar and nonchalantly fall into this thing? Never grow up, I guess…

Source @whatthecrazyhouse caption: “Adult race car bed!”