Welcome to this week’s selection of bad real estate pics straight from Instagram. From interesting psalm choices to a new level of #deathtrapstairs, this week’s pics will have you questioning WTF homeowners are thinking.

#1— Lawn Art

Someone got creative with the lawnmower. Let’s look on the bright side: the neighbors have a sense of humor!

#2— Finger-Lickin’ Good

This screams frat house. I can’t imagine the bucket-lampshade adheres to fire code, but at least it’s better than a boob light!

#3— Open Wide

Of all the psalms, why that one?!

#4— Magnolia Gone Wild

Use these for decorations during the day…and for some *play time* at night. 

#5— Death Trap Stairs

I don’t know how #deathtrapstairs became a thing, but these are next level. Those boards don’t look like they can hold much weight.

#6— Game Over

Someone has serious video game fantasies…

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