Welcome to this week’s selection of bad real estate pics straight from Instagram. 

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#1—Poor planning

A boob light is already pretty bad, but a boob light that prevents a bathroom door from closing is unforgivable.

#2—Coke Head Kitchen

Listen, I love a good soda every once in a while, but this level of obsession with any drink should be examined and treated before you start incorporating it into your interior design.

#3— House of Horrors

Can you picture yourself living here? Personally, I can’t. 

But I could definitely see myself dying here.

#4— Firm Bed

Gotta respect staging on a budget.

#5— 🍆 Handle

This is one of the more subtle phallic designs we’ve featured…

#6— Waterfall Tub

This looks like it would leave your bathroom floors drenched. The proximity to the lights is also concerning.

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