Welcome to this week’s selection of bad real estate pics straight from Instagram. This week features horrible wall art, a confusing two-car garage, and a suspicious cover-up. 

#1— Closet Tub

The comments are pretty divided on whether or not they like this. I’m still processing the fact that there are still people who leave toilet seats open for listing photos. 

#2—2 Car Garage

It technically is a two-car garage, just not a two-car driveway.

Agents, how are you advertising this?

#3— Hiding Spot

Personally, I am putting a gigantic piece of artwork over this and trying not to think about why this door exists.

#4— Maximalism

I will take a sterile, all-white flip project over this any day. 

@nicolestorydent said it best: “Remember those posters where, if you crossed your eyes then backed away from them, you’d see a secret image? This house feels like that. I hope this house comes with Advil.”


You’ve seen the live laugh love kitchens, now it’s time to meet KROWMAET.

#6—What’s Under There?

Dropping a few of the best guesses as to what’s underneath that black tarp here: 

@marymarjorie: Grandma.

@dropdeadquirky: Two decommissioned Chuck E Cheese robots locked in a 69 position

@gretchen.e.moss: Hoards of clothing and shoes piled up and around a sofa.

@andiebrarian: The body of the designer who was brought in for a refresh before listing the house.

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