Welcome to this week’s selection of bad real estate pics straight from Instagram. This week features f*cked up toilets, inconvenient hottubs, and a very tacky fix for broken curtains.

#1— Two Birds, One Stone

Sometimes you just have to be efficient. Still seems super gross through. 

#2— Let’s Get Weird

I can’t believe all of this garbage is stuffed into one CONDO. 

@djslizzard  said it best “This was the house your older friends took you to in high school that you had no business being at.”

#3— Perfect Placement

Hot tubs are already awkward to fit into without an obstacle like this. I would like to have a word with the architect.

#4— Stupid toilet placement

New fear unlocked: toilets that aren’t backed up to a wall.

#5— Stair Cage

Perfect for your misbehaved dogs or children!

#6— Nailed it

I may or may not have done this in my college bedroom but at least it didn’t have popcorn ceilings.

In hindsight, I kind of get why I didn’t get my security deposit back.

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