This week on the Knowledge Brokers Podcast, Byron Lazine, Lisa Chinatti, and Tom Toole started the conversation with their reactions to the latest FOMC meeting, where the Fed decided to pause rate hikes—while strongly implying more rate hikes this year. 

Next up was some possible trouble brewing for Airbnb owners and rental property investors, followed by a news article saying 60% of mortgage lenders are living paycheck to paycheck, which raised the question of how many real estate agents are in the same boat. 

Then they reacted to the results of a 1000watt survey saying one in three agents have switched brokerages in the past two years, touched on the latest home purchase sentiment index (HPSI) results, and discussed questions knowledge brokers should be asking right now to direct conversations with their clients and community. 

That led to some book recommendations by Lisa Chinatti—Versatile Selling and Surrounded By Idiots—which led to an exciting reveal for next week’s episode: a Top Six Book Recommendations list for knowledge brokers—which will be draft style like the Top Five Income-Producing Activities list from two weeks ago

Stay to the end to hear each one’s take on whether the Fed will go too far with its rate hikes, and what that will mean for jobs and the housing market. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0000:46 Intro 

00:46 Reactions to the latest Fed meeting 

07:02 Trouble brewing for Airbnb/rental property investors? 

15:55 60% of mortgage lenders are living paycheck to paycheck 

20:15 1000watt survey: One in three agents have switched brokerages in the past two years 

23:46 Will we see 1 in 3 agents switching brokerages in the next year? 

29:50 Only two components of the HPSI improved from April to May 

31:20 Byron’s advice to homebuyers in today’s market 

34:43 What are some of the questions to keep the knowledge broker in the driver’s seat? 

37:28 What about the home shopper who is guarded about their motivation? 

38:50 Book recommendation #1: Versatile Selling (selling to different personality types) 

41:07 Book recommendation #2: Surrounded by Idiots: The Four Types of Human Behavior 

42:08 Next week—The Top Six Knowledge Broker book recommendations (draft style) 

45:40 Networking during graduation season 

46:58 Future Fed rate hikes: Will the Fed go too far?

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