Victoria Velazquez knows The Broke Agent from way back since the two went to high school together. She consulted him when starting out in real estate. From there, their paths diverged, but some shared core beliefs remained at the center of each one’s approach to real estate. 

On today’s episode of the Over Ask Podcast, she joins him and Matt Lionetti to discuss how she went from zero to $71 million in sales in her first five years, the anxiety she felt and how she dealt with it to make huge gains, and why she hosts neighbors-only open houses. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:00–00:24 Intro

04:05 What did you do in those first two months?

05:38 How did you choose your brokerage starting out?

11:19 What were your nerves like during that?

18:40 Moving to The Agency

19:37 How are you generating leads right now?

23:29 How do you make connections with vendors, clients, etc?

26:55 What are you spending money on in your RE business?

28:27 Neighbors-only open houses

31:55 What do you hate in this business?

38:50 Dealing with unwanted feelings

42:48 Working with friends—risks and advantages

52:05 The time it takes to give an accurate CMA & Ricky Caruth’s IG comments

Click here to watch the full episode and learn why Victoria has challenged Ricky Caruth to a comp-off. 

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