This shouldn’t come as a shock, but the best way to stay top of mind for the people in your database is to be in communication with them throughout the year. 

With that in mind, Toronto real estate professional and BAM Creator Tom Storey developed a 12-month touch point plan that he uses to get a 20% (or better) return on his core database and create a seven-figure real estate business. 

While he describes the whole plan in a recent Marketing Monday video, we couldn’t help sharing it here, too. 

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January—One-Question (4-Option) Email

In the first month of the year, Tom sends out a one-question email to ask his database about their plans for the year. He gives them four options for an answer to keep it simple and easy to respond. 

Tom explains this approach in another recent Marketing Monday video, “10 Leads from One Email.” 

From that one email, he finds out which people (and how many) are planning to buy or sell in 2024 as well as which ones have no plans for the year. 

Even those who have no plans to buy or sell this year are likely to remember this email if they change their mind at some point—especially since Tom is sending them something of value every month of the year. 

February—Trades and Services Guide

In February, the Tom Storey Team sends out its annual Trades and Services Directory. And this is not just a digital download but an actual physical book that arrives in the mail—something his clients and prospects can keep handy (and visible) on a living room coffee table or bookshelf. 

Depending on the year, February is also a time to send out Home Show tickets, which his clients love and ask for every single year. 

March—Video CMA

In March, Tom sends out a one-to-one video CMA to each person in his core database with customized updates on the housing market, sales in their neighborhood, and helpful (or at least interesting) market data pertaining to their home. 

He uses Loom (a Google Chrome extension) to film these videos for each person twice a year. He’s been sending these out for the past five years, and they create so many listing opportunities. The return he gets from these videos more than makes up for the time investment. 

April—Micro Event

For Tom’s micro-events, he invites 12 to 20 people from his database, based on what he knows about their interests and their intentions for the year. 

Here are a few he’s hosted before to give you some ideas: 

  • An ice-skating event
  • Community events
  • Cocktail-making events
  • Pasta-making class
  • Educational events

The best thing about these events is they’re small, giving you more opportunities for real conversations with the people who attend. 

Do yourself a favor: take a page out of Tom’s book and encourage your invitees to “bring a friend.” 

The amount of properties we’ve sold to friends of people that have come to our micro-events is insane!

Tom Storey

May—Email with QR Code for Coffee & an Educational Event

In May, the Tom Storey Team sends an email to people in their database with a big QR code for a free coffee—at Starbucks or at another popular coffee shop in their area. 

Send it on a Sunday morning around 7 am local time and say, “Coffee is on us, today!” Each person can scan the QR code to draw from a gift card for the specified coffee/tea shop. 

Tom puts $200–$300 on it and says, “It’s there until [the balance] runs out.” 

It’s sort of like when you go to a coffee shop window to pay for your drink and find out the person in front of you has already paid for your order. Except this is from someone you know who is quickly becoming your go-to real estate professional (if they aren’t already). 

Also in May, Tom and his team try to put on an educational event of some sort to answer any questions people might have about buying or selling in the current market. 

This could be an in-person seminar or an online webinar, whatever works best for the people you’re inviting. 

June & July—Send Out Invites & Host Summer Client Event

In June, Tom sends out invites for the July Summer Client Event. And in July, the Tom Storey Team hosts the event, which is paid for by sponsors. 

This is their biggest event of the year, and typically about 150 people attend. It costs considerably more than the micro events but is an event that he and his team, as well as his guests, look forward to every year. 

It’s also a great way to wrap up the summer. 

August—Video CMA

In August, Tom sends out another one-to-one video CMA—the same as in March. 

You don’t have to send these to the same people every time, though you certainly can. Either way, look at your database and think about who needs a market update most at that point of the year. And what information are they most likely to find valuable—or at least interesting? 

Why does Tom’s team send these out in March and August? Because April and September are historically two of the busiest months of the year. And they want the people in their database to know roughly how much their property is worth before the market starts to heat up. 

September—Charity Event

This is exactly what it sounds like. So, think about what charity is meaningful for you. What cause would you like to support with a charity fundraising event? 

This could be a local food shelf, an animal shelter, or any charity that most, if not all, of the people in your database, would be happy to raise funds for. 

Tom has done Pro-Am hockey tournaments, which he and his clients have enjoyed. But choose something that resonates with you and shows your clients you’re willing to make time to raise money for a worthy cause—and to have fun doing it. 

October—Drop Off Pumpkins

In October, Tom drops off pumpkins. It might sound silly, but it’s something his clients have appreciated. Not everyone has time to go to the store and pick out a pumpkin to carve.

If you want, you can drop off pumpkin pies or even host a pumpkin pie-making or pumpkin-carving workshop—or some other class where your clients can make something to take home and enjoy. 

November—Another Micro Event

In November the Tom Storey Team hosts another micro event. 

The one that’s worked the best with Tom’s clients is “Manicures & Mimosas.” He rents out a nail salon, and the people he’s invited will come in, get their nails done, and he serves them drinks. This is another event his clients look forward to every single year. 

December—Time Off & New Year’s “Thank You” Messages

In December, Tom takes time off and takes a breath after a long and busy year. 

But he also says, “Thank you” to all his clients by sending a New Year’s card with a gift card to a local business. Go through your list of all the people you’ve helped buy or sell during the year, and send them a “Thank you” message that won’t get lost in the avalanche of holiday mail: 

  • A one-to-one video (with a QR code for a gift card)
  • A quick phone call 
  • A text message 

Just let them know you’re thinking of them and really appreciate the opportunity to work with them during the year. 

“You know what? I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your trust this year. And if you ever think of anybody else that could use our services, I’d love it if you could recommend our name.” 

This is the plan that helps the Tom Storey Team grow its core database and get a 20-plus percent return every year. So, if you’re ready to take action and give your database a reason to think of you every month of 2024, customize this plan to your business and get started. 

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