Tom Ferry, the #1 ranked real estate coach in the nation, joined Byron and Nicole on episode 215 of The Real Word. 

Every year, Tom Ferry and his team help real estate agents hone their skills and meet the needs of their target consumers. So when it comes to the topic of brand building, we’re always eager to hear what Tom has to say. 

In 2022, we’ve entered a market where millennials are the primary cohort buying and selling real estate. And for the next several years, they will remain in massive acquisition. Tom shares how you can make sure your brand resonates with millennials:

Know thy customer.

Start by creating avatars for the buyer and seller. Where are they in the journey of their life? Keep in mind millennials are an enormous group – some are getting divorced, and others are just starting their families. Hone in on what the buyers and sellers in your market are doing and thinking.

Understand their pain points.

To gain trust, you must be able to speak to the problems your consumer is facing. When you start letting consumers know you feel and understand their pain, you will resonate with them.

Make your message clear.

You don’t need the entire world to like you. You don’t even need all millennials to like you. Narrow your focus, whether it’s military families or single women, and craft your message for the people you want to work with. That’s when you will start to win.

Scale who you are.

Video allows you to scale who you are. Everyone knows the power of video is here to stay, but this is the part that scares most people. Create your videos, share your message, and let yourself stand out from the rest.

Want to learn more? Tune in to all three rackets for all of Tom’s insights:

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  • 11:13 – All-in-one real estate shopping
  • 14:42 – The future of the 30-year fixed mortgage