This week in BAM brought new predictions for the 2024 housing market, along with new housing legislation, new commission lawsuits (2), and another real estate company stepping away from the National Association of Realtors (NAR)

In agent tactics, we shared a script from Grant Cardone (which started a mini firestorm in the Instagram comments), along with some field-tested tips to help you get more leads and grow as a real estate professional. 

Finally, in agent marketing, we’re sharing some tech advice—including the best iPhone settings to use as a real estate content creator and a mini projector to use at your next open house—along with seven tips to get more leads sliding into your DMs. 

Let’s get started!

News You May Have Missed

This week in housing market forecasts for 2024, we bring you predictions from both and Redfin

Byron Lazine reviewed’s predictions in the Monday Hot Sheet. 

He covered Redfin’s predictions on Wednesday

This week also brought news of new legislation proposed by Democrats in both branches of the U.S. Congress to ban hedge funds from buying or owning single-family homes

And a Seattle-based Coldwell Banker franchise made the decision not to renew their affiliation with the National Association of Realtors (NAR) in 2024. 

Finally, we added two new commission lawsuits to the BAM Lawsuit Watch post—one filed in Pennsylvania against West Penn MLS and several brokerages, and another filed in Florida against the Florida Association of Realtors and 16 brokerages.   

Agent Tactics

This week in agent tactics, BAM shared a Grant Cardone script for agents to use when showing their listings—a script Cardone shared on Ricky Carruth’s podcast. 

And a related BAM Instagram post kicked off a bit of controversy in the comments, which was addressed in this week’s episode of The Walk Thru

Byron also shared a hack from Alex Hormozi for building the skill of charisma: 

And because confidence is related to charisma—and every bit as much a learned skill—here’s another BAM IG post from Byron to drive home the point.

We also have— 

  1. Four PR tools to boost your online presence (from the Audie Chamberlain webinar)
  2. Four things you can do today to get more business from your sphere (by Lindsey Jo)
  3. Five steps you can take to leverage content collaborations (by Angela Yungk)

Also, if you’re hearing about all the real estate commission lawsuits and wondering how to get ahead of the impact they could have on your relationships with clients, watch this: 

Agent Marketing

This week in agent marketing, we’re taking a closer look at the technology agents use to create or share marketing content—starting with Krys Benyamein’s article on the best iPhone camera settings for real estate content. 

Next, we have a shout-out to Shane Burgman for his Instagram Reel on three genius ways to use a mini projector at an open house.

Finally, we shared seven tips from Haley Ingram from her Instagram carousel post on how to get more leads sliding into your DMs