Your sphere can easily become your number one lead source—as long as you continue to provide them with value all year long! Today, we’re diving into four moves that aren’t just about impressing clients, but keeping them in your corner for the long haul. 

#1—Home Anniversary Videos: Make Every Year Count

Say goodbye to the forgotten home anniversaries! Take inspo from this video and create your own. On a designated day each year, set up calendar reminders for your clients’ home anniversaries. 

It’s not just a fun way to say hello; it’s a brilliant strategy to stay on their radar. Your clients will appreciate the thoughtfulness, and you’ll forever be the one who remembers what makes their home uniquely special. It also makes you look like a badass! 

#2—The Real Estate Health Check-up Video

Shoutout to Tom Storey for this gem! Twice a year, he sends his clients a real estate health check-up.  Start with a quick MLS search to find everything that has sold in your client’s neighborhood in the last six months. Pair that info with a video like this—it’s a fantastic way to stay memorable, and your clients will always be curious about their home values.

For a full breakdown of the Real Estate Health Check, head to this post by Tom Storey.

#3—Quarterly Touches

For hassle-free quarterly past client/sphere gifts, find a company like Pop By Co. or Dare & Co. Simply send them a CSV file with your client’s names and addresses, and they will send out gifts on your behalf!

Source: Pop By Co.

#4—Automate with Homebot

Set up auto email property alerts for all of your past clients and sphere with a tool like Homebot. It’s a game-changer in effortlessly staying relevant and providing valuable insights to your clients.  

Bonus tip: Run a quick poll on your Instagram to find out who wants to keep an eye on their home value. Collect emails from interested followers and add them to Homebot for their personalized home updates!

There you have it—four strategies to boost your client retention game. It’s not about being flashy; it’s about being effective. Get out there this month, and let these strategies speak for themselves. Your clients (and your business) will thank you!