Ricky Carruth and I have a history of debates online, including this famous BAM debate. But, despite some differences in opinion, I have immense respect for what Ricky does—and that is continuously providing value for the real estate industry. 

One example of this is his recent interview with Grant Cardone. During their conversation, maybe without even realizing it, Ricky unlocked what could be the greatest listing agent script to start the showing of a home. Jump to 6:24 to get right into the script (and be sure to tune in to the entire conversation when you have the time): 

Information Assisted Selling 

During the interview, Grant Cardone shared a strategy that he calls “Information Assisted Selling.”

The premise is simple: give all the information that consumers want to know upfront. Especially anything that is price-sensitive. 

The key to information-assisted selling is transparency. Nobody wants to feel like they are being strung along, just waiting for a breakdown of price. By giving all the price-sensitive information upfront, people can then go into the showing having everything they need to make a decision. 

Grant Cardone’s Script to Show Your Listing

Here’s the script you can use when showing your listings: 

Hey guys, welcome to your new home. I already have a package for you which includes:

-Down payment
-Monthly payment
-Mortgage rates

I know what’s most important to the sellers on this sale. I can provide you all of the comps. I’m going to show you why this is a great deal. 

But before we do all that, do you want to see the inside of the house or the outside first? What’s most important to you?

That’s it. It’s so simple, yet so effective—because you are giving consumers exactly what they need to make financial decisions.