The iPhone is one of the best tools for content creators. But if you’re using one to create real estate content—and you’re still using the default camera settings—this is for you!  

Read on to learn the optimal settings for your iPhone camera

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Camera Settings

Now, keep in mind, these adjustments are all going to take up way more space on your phone. But the quality will be fully worth it. 

  • Go to “Settings” 
  • Click on “Camera” 
  • Right at the top, you’ll see “Record Video.” Tap on that to change the setting. 

I generally want my camera set to 4K and 60 frames per second for the sharpest quality image. It also gives you better slow-motion footage. 

However, in low-light situations, 30 frames will make it way brighter. So, I keep that as the default setting for when it’s dark. 

In addition, make sure to have the toggle on for HDR Video

From there, scroll down and select “Auto FPS”. Change the setting to “Auto 30 fps.”


Grid and Lens Correction

Another thing I adjust is the grid and lens correction. These small tweaks help me better compose the frame and overall quality of the content.

  • Go to “Settings” 
  • Click on “Camera” 
  • Tap on “Formats” and select “Most Compatible”
  • Tap the back arrow to “Camera” and scroll down to “Composition.” Toggle on the following: 
    • “Grid” 
    • “Level”
    • “View Outside the Frame”
  • Scroll down again and toggle on “Lens Correction”

(Depending on your model, some of these options may not be available on your iPhone.)

These are quick and easy changes, but they make a huge difference in the quality of your images. 

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