It’s been a busy week! (In real estate, what week isn’t?)

For our first edition of This Week in BAM, we’ve rounded up the biggest industry news stories, agent tactics you’ll want to implement right away, and content ideas to get you through October. 

So whether you are at an open house or planning your week ahead, dive in to see what you’ve missed. 

News You May Have Missed: All about NAR

This week in BAM, the biggest news has revolved around the National Association of Realtors® (NAR), starting with Redfin leadership’s decision to leave NAR and to require its brokerages and agents to cancel their NAR membership wherever possible. 

Then there was the time (yesterday) when NAR tried to convince everyone it has always been cool with listing agents putting a zero in the field for buyer agent compensation. This 180 comes just about a week before NAR goes to trial in the Sitzer/Burnett class action lawsuit. 

The third headline is about the terms of the Anywhere and RE/MAX settlements reached about a month ago. 

One of the changes means Anywhere and RE/MAX will no longer require its brokerages and agents to be NAR members—or to follow the NAR Code of Ethics or MLS Handbook.

Agent Tactics: Your Words Matter

This week in Agent Tactics, Tom Toole reveals the one word agents should eliminate from their real estate vocabulary—especially in two specific situations. He does share one instance, though, where that word still comes in handy. 

Next up is a short list of business planning basics for real estate agents, along with an announcement for next week’s BAM webinar on business planning, where Byron Lazine and Tom Toole will answer your questions and go into detail on best practices for real estate business owners. Make sure to grab your spot for the free webinar here. 

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Agent Marketing: Content Ideas

Monday is always a good day for agent marketing tips on BAM, and this week started with two attention-grabbing posts that will set you up for record engagement this month: 

  1. October 2023 Content Ideas for Agents” by The Broke Agent
  2. How to Send 200 Instagram DMs At Once” by Lindsey Jo

While you’re at it, check out this week’s Walk Thru episode, where Jason Cassity and Marie Lee joined Dan Oneil and The Broke Agent to talk about, among other things, October content ideas. 

And for all you agents out there thinking of starting a podcast, check out this week’s agent marketing video: “Everything You Need to Know Before Starting a Real Estate Podcast.”

Tune in to hear The Broke Agent argue why you should—or shouldn’t—start a podcast, what works, what doesn’t, and what you can learn from his podcasting mistakes. 

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