October officially marks the beginning of “spooky season.” 

But you know what’s actually scary? The fact that there are 90 days left of 2023. This means you have about 30 days before your clients start using the “let’s wait until after the holidays” excuse. Make the best of it. 


This whole month is about Halloween content which means it is officially acceptable to start posting TODAY for the next 31 days. Other than that, there’s Mean Girls Day on October 3rd and Columbus Day/Indigenous People’s Day on the 9th, but I’m not touching that one. 

And of course, every first of the month, BAMx launches a new course for members. October’s course with Lisa Chinatti is Impactful Follow-Up and Work Flows Within Your CRM. If you’re not a member yet, sign up today.

Ok, now for some SpoOokyy content ideas:

Creepy finds at showings and inspections

The good (and bad) thing about seeing a lot of property is that you come across a lot of things that make your skin crawl. Document it. Take photos and videos for stories, carousels, and Reels of eerie crawl spaces, unsettling hallways, and dolls the seller for some reason keeps leaving out. For audio, type in “Halloween, “spooky,” or “scary” music to add it to your stories or posts to give it that extra Halloween vibe. 

Pumpkin drop-off

Give your clients a pumpkin and some carving tools. Or carve your branding into it like a complete psychopath! Just make sure you don’t drop off those wart-infested pumpkins because they are disgusting. 

Halloween Decoration Tour

Take your followers through a tour of houses with the craziest Halloween decorations. You can do a car view POV or actually stand out in front of them. 

While doing the tour, mention houses you’ve sold in the neighborhood, describe the areas, and talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the locations. This can be a great way to showcase your market knowledge without talking about your own listing.

Decorations: Good or Bad for Listings? 

Film a Reel about whether sellers should decorate their homes while their house is on the market.

Local Halloween-related events

Film a Reel covering what events are going on in your market. Pumpkin patch spots, haunted houses, Halloween parties, etc.

Do A Halloween Candy “Study”

Starting today, give out candy at your open houses and take note of which ones get the most excitement from your guests. This can be a good way to plug your open houses, and it could give you a fun hook: “Here are the three candies that my open house guests like.”

Tell Your Scariest Real Estate Stories 

You have an entire month to run through your craziest real estate stories. Tenants that pop up out of nowhere. Mysteries. Scary real estate deals.

Do your house tours and Reels in different costumes or as different characters


I feel like I say this every month, but you need to mix in a significant amount of carousel posts into your IG feed. Just ask Gary Vee, there’s a reason that he switched from non-stop Reels to posting the first slide as a meme, and the second slide as a video. 

Like he says in this post, the only way to “hack stuff is to do what is working at the moment.” So, start putting cover slides in front of the occasional Reel and see how it affects your engagement. 

Here’s another social tip: Focus on long-form. Social media is cyclical, and the pendulum seems to be shifting from “make the video as short as possible” to “show me you can do more than 15-second lip sync.” If you really want to build trust with your audience, write some blogs, send more emails, and make long-form YouTube videos. 


Baseball: Finally, the playoffs are here. The Wild Card rounds start Tuesday, October 3rd. 

Football: College Football and the NFL are in full swing and will dominate the sports conversation this entire month. 


In general, this month is great to use horror movie clips for and Reels ideas:

Take notes from Matt Lionetti:

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce: I’m not even going to use the “in case you’ve been living under a rock” joke here because even if you’ve been living under a rock… you know about this. Taylor Swift is dating the try-hard, Gronk-wannabe, Travis Kelce and it’s the talk of the world. The only way you can turn this into real estate content of course is with relatable memes like this:

The Golden Bachelor is a new twist with the Bachelor in his 70s. Feels like this show is in its Twilight era (no pun intended), but it should produce some good memes. 

The Kardashians return to streaming this week. Punch me in the face.

Dancing with Stars has real estate celeb and founder of The Agency, Mauricio Umansky as one of its most popular contestants.


Here are the sounds trending on TikTok this month. 

#1—Just Beach

Sometimes, an agent’s job requirements can be confusing. Use this sound to talk about things clients think you’re supposed to do.


harley’s job is 🏝️ beach

♬ original sound - RA10

#2—Who am I

Talk about a moment in real estate that had you feeling like this:

#3—That sounded really bratty

What rude things do you hear too often from people in real estate? “Well, I’ve been in the business for…”